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 Long time ago, in the period of the Three Kingdoms (220-265), commander caocao was on a expedition. The weather was extremely hot and nowhere to find the water. The soldiers were thirsty and tired , some of them suffered heatstroke and fainted on the road. The rate of marching slowed down. CaoCao noticed this and worried about losing the chance for combat. Suddenly he got an idea. He drove his horse to the head of the column and pointed with whip, said:“look! There is a big plum forest ahead, the plums are ripe, sweet and delicious.”hearing about this, the soldiers’ spirit was roused greatly.CaoCao grasped the chance and ordered to march full speed ahead.

With the nonexistent plums, CaoCao lead his soldiers walked out the predicament, arrived the battle ground with good spirits.

Chinese idiom: (wàng méi zhǐ kě - literally "anticipate plum stop thirst") Thinking of plums makes your mouth water and stops thirst.

Meaning: Living on fancies. Living on hope.

Intensive 20 Course

Mandarin Garden Intensive 20 Course will lead you to achieve rapid progress in your Chinese by focusing on practical language skills of speaking, listening and reading phonetics with special emphasis on conversation.

Course Features

- 4 group lessons a day, Mon to Fri 9:00-12:30am

- 20 language lessons a week

- Learn conversational skills

- Focus on listening, speaking & reading

- Maximum 6 students in a group class (average 4)

- Minimum age 16 years old

- 55 minutes per lesson including 10 minutes break

- International student mix

If you want to register for a course, or have any questions concerning courses, locations, accommodation or payment:

Please email,

Please call: 0086-021-52589881 or 0086-400 600 2922


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