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 Intensive 30 Course

Mandarin Garden Intensive 30 Course includes six group lessons a day allowing you to make the most of your time. Available at five main levels, each divided further into sub-levels to make sure you're placed exactly where you should be. You will improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, the fundamental four parts needed to build a strong foundation for language.

Course Features

- 6 group lessons a day from Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30am, 13:30-15:10pm

- 30 language lessons a week

- Learn listening, speaking, reading and writing

- Maximum 6 students in a group class (average 4)

- 55 minutes per lesson including 10 minutes break

- Minimum age 16 years old

- International student mix

If you want to register for a course, or have any questions concerning courses, locations, accommodation or payment:

Please email,

Please call: 0086-021- 52589881or 0086-400 600 2922


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