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[HugChina] A female beggar was crushed to death one hour after injured by the same truck

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Posted on Sat, May 7, 2011 09:21 AM 01822





A truck driver named Tian Houbo (???) knocked a female beggar down and injured her. For fear of continuous trouble, Tian drove back one hour later and crushed the beggar to death. The incident was discovered 4 months later and Tian was detained in Chongqing.

May 6,2011,Chongqing – On the way home in the evening,Tian Houbo knocked down a female beggar. He quickly drove away from the spot. But he came back one hour later,ruthlessly killed the beggar with his truck.The driver is Tian Houbo,21 years old,born in a rural area in Zhongxian county of Chongqing municipanity. He looks simple and honest,but has to swallow the consequence for his action.

Yesterday,in the detention house of Zhongxian county,when asked by reporter, he sobbed without tears,”There should be nobody that care for the beggar that I killed”.His psychology for lucky escape is obvious, but the police in Zhongxian county had never gave up their efforts to capture him and bring him to justice.

Who killed the female beggar

On April 11, 2011, police of Zhongxian county received a case report that a female corpse was found in a ditch near the Xinjiagou pulic road in Helin village of Maguan Town. The police came and found the female corpse was different from normal people and thought she was a beggar.

The corpse was highly decayed and forensic expert determined that she had been dead for more than two months. Her left leg suffered from comminuted fracture, her face was destroyed partly. Police concluded that it was a case that the culprit escaped from the traffic accident. Immediately the police were organized to track down the criminal.

The female beggar was initially only moderately injured

After careful investigation, a truck driver Tian Houbo was captured by the police. Tian Houbo confessed he was the culprit.

On December 23 of 2010, Tian Houbo and other two drivers Mr. Wang and Mr. Xiao drove their respective automobile from Mahuan Town to Jinji Town of Zhongxian County. At around 22pm,Tian Houbo’s truck knocked down a female beggar. They immediately left the spot and nobody of them disclose this accident. Mr. Wang and Mr. Xiao also did not know the beggar died later, because the beggar was not seriously injured and still sighed when they left.

Within an hour Tian was back at home, but he could not fall asleep and feared there would be troubles and decided to go back. By virtue of the dark night, he drove his truck back to the spot. He felt ill at ease on the way and carelessly crashed to and destroyed a groove for washing clothes on the road side in a nearby village, which left an iron testimony that he had came back to the spot and served as an important clue for the police to track him.

Finding the beggar was lying in a coma, he decided to kill her with his truck. He turned his truck, align the real-left wheel at her head and back his truck. He stopped only after he felt sure the truck was crushing on the body of the beggar.His truck weighed 9 ton. He stepped down and confirmed the beggar was dead. Then he transferred the corpse to a stream many kilometers away. The corpse was found only 4 months later. And days later he sold his truck at obviously lower price.

Tian Houbo: I do not know Yao Jiaxin (???)

Recently the Yao Jiaxin murder case has captured the attention of a nation. Yao, a junior at the Xi'an Conservatory of Music, knocked down twenty-six year-old mother Zhang Miao with his Chevrolet in October, 2010. Yao proceeded to stab the woman 6 times in the chest until she was dead because Zhang had looked at his license plate. Yao was sentenced to death on April 22.

Tian Houbo’s case and Yao Jiaxin’s case are very similar. Both are young,have kindly parents and loving girlfriend, and do not respect the life of others. The difference is that Tian is farmer but Yao is a university student.

When interviewed by the reporter, Tian said that he almost never read newspaper or surfed on internet and he did not know who was Yao Jiaxin.

At the moment Tian was detained in a police detention center and what waits for him is criminal trial.

[Source of this article:HugChina]

Picture description:Criminal suspect Tian Houbo was detained in detention house of Zhongxian County of Chongqing Municipality.


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