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[Original] 2013 "Chinese Culture" Summer Camp in Shanghai

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Posted on Mon, Jun 17, 2013 02:18 AM 02239





Brilliant and vibrant summer have come this year, have you prepared any plans for your child to go through such algefacient summer in Shanghai? Maybe you also intended to let your baby take the same occasion to study more mandarin or Chinese Culture. Here is a rare and big Summer Camp program which MandarinGarden offers not to be missed, our summer program consists of many interesting activities, culture events and mandarin learning, including: Mandarin course?Guzheng(the Chinese Zither)?Chinese Chess?Wei Qi(Go chess)?Calligraphy?Tai Chi?Paper-cutting. Sounds good, right? But next is really to give you a surprise, there is a large discount on our Summer Camp paying. The Promotion price is only RMB 1900/ week.

Is it over? Nope~ Sign up now and you can still get:

1. 10 free lessons of interested Art Course of Chinese Sinology;

2. A whole year culture activity card(worth RMB 2800), free culture

3. A free set of Chinese ancient costume for kids.

Besides above, while you gonna confirm to register our Summer Camp, we even give you free Calligraphy course to you. Here is actually a big gift pack waiting for you.

Do you heart it? Heart is not as good as action. Quickly come, MandarinGarden welcome you.

You could reserve it by:

Email: winnie?

Tel: 021-52589881 / 4006002922

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