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Thousands of fans of Japanese adult video actress Sora Aoi jammed an auto festival in Nanchang on April 30, blocking her route to the stage that delayed her appearance for an hour, but Aoi stayed on stage for less than three minutes, and although many of her fans were disappointed, she wrote in her microblog that she had to leave for the sake of everyone's safety.

On the morning of April 30, Central China (Nanchang) International Auto Festival 2011 opened in the International Exhibition Center of Nanchang. When knowing that Japanese adult video star Sora Aoi (Chinese:苍井空) would attend the festival,thousands of Chinese fans from all over the country came to see their idol. The fans carring all kinds of cameras waited for hours on the way that Sora Aoi would pass.

It was arranged that Sora Aoi would show up at around 12am that day, but due to crazy pursuit,interception of thousands fans on spot, the way to the VIP room in the exhibition center which Sora Aoi had to pass was so heavily jammed that the showing-up time had to be postponed again and again. The security guards and workers had no choice but persuading the fans going back. In the end, at 12:50, Sora Aoi posted through her mobile phone the message:”I am now present in the exhibition center, but there are too many people that I can not go out. I request you to leave a way out for me, thank you!”

At the same time, thousands of spectators carrying cameras, mobile phones and other devices for taking pictures or recording were waiting patiently for Sora Aoi to show up. China News Service reporter observed that because there were too many spectators, some spectators had to watch on the outer-ring, few fans even climbed up to the iron racks, who were finally persuaded to come down by repeated request of the security staff of the exhibition center. Almost all "high commanding points" were occupied by spectators.

Only after 1pm, Sora Aoi accompanied by heavy security presence showed up on the stage, who was immediately crazily photographed by the surrounding car fans and photographers. On the stage, Sora Aoi greeted shortly to the present audience, stepped down in a hurry with help of security personels and left the spot. Totally it was only 3 minutes that Sora Aoi showed up. The spectators having waiting for several hours were deeply disappointed.

At 1:44pm, Sora Aoi posted her second microblog:”Thank you all coming to the exhibition center. I meant to talk with you for more time, but there were two many people. For the sake of your safety, I left earlier than expected. I am sorry.”

Sora Aoi is a Japanese adult video and TV actress and has earned her popularity in East Asia and even in Europe and America. Since she opened her weibo (微薄,similar to twitter) account @aoi_sola on Chinese website, Chinese fans have more enthusiastically followed her.

Sora Aoi had been invited to attend the Central China Auto Festival, sponsored by the local government of Nanchang, capital city of Jiangxi province in central China. It is said that she would attend another activity in Nanchang on May 1.

[Source of this article:HugChina]

Picture description:Sora Aoi showed up in Central China (Nanchang) International Auto Festival.


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