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[Original] Learn to speak Chinese for Practice

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Posted on Mon, Apr 22, 2013 03:33 AM 01006





Learn to speak Chinese will make your Chinese that you learned impressive.

We often hear students say or whine like this “I have a bad memory, I always forget what I’ve learned easily!" Whenever hearing this, we ask our students the question: "Why do you still remember the sentences 'good morning', 'I love you!'?" Their answer is obvious, "because I use and see and hear them frequently". That's the core of the matter. Practice makes perfect. The frequently used sentences have become part of you. So, practice is the most effective way to mastering Chinese. That's the sense in that you need to learn to speak Chinese frequently as your practice and enhance your impress. Or not, you will forget what you learned soon. As long as you keep speaking, you can in the end handle a skill or technique perfectly no matter how difficult it is. Thus, once you have learned something new in Chinese, try to use them as frequently as possible in your speaking and writing. Only when you exercise it frequently, can you grasp it sooner or later.

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