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Chinese learning for adult MandarinGarden deploys a very flexible time table and places class for our adults students. You have a lot of choice on your course. Such as General Chinese course, Business course and Culture course, for the type of the class you can select Intensive Class, Part-time class , Group class or Private class. It's totally depend on your needs ,requirement and your Chinese learning plan. Our Course consultant will set accurate course schedule for students, arrange the most suitable learning plan for students according to their pre-test results, time arrangement, teaching location arrangement and course cancelling arrangement in time. Our teachers will teach students by very effective teaching method such as "role-play" "games and practice" "language point and practice". Effective and practical materials as well as many variety of teaching assist are provided to our students.

While you are planning your Chinese learning, you might as well come and contact with us!


Tel: 0086-02152589881



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