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Children's Chinese course from MandarinGarden is suitable for students under 16 years old. Base on the cognitive capacity of youngsters and kids, focus on improving student's ability for the session by various learning scence, and increase the content of communicating exercises. Via using of Photos, pictures of practicality to enrich the materials, intensifing the facticity of session scence, that will make the lecture becomes much vivid. At the same time, to appropriately teach involved Chinese characters as well. After the course is finished, students probably could grasp over 2000 Chinese vocabularies and over 1500 Chinese Characters, and enable to have the daily talk, read the simple articles fluently, and can also know about some Chinese Culture and traditional customs.

Course level: Elementary, intermediate

Course Length: 60 hours/level

If you are looking for a Chinese course for your child in Shanghai, then we are your optimal choice.

Please email:

Please call: 0086-02152589881


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