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MandarinGarden is the biggest Chinese language school in Shanghai, with 8 years Chinese teaching experience. We are the private mandarin school that belongs to the jurisdiction of education bureau in Changning district. Whether teaching quality or curriculum service, MandarinGarden is the Chinese language school which is able to do the best in Shanghai. If you have some foreign friends wanna learn Chinese, no matter he has mandarin base or not and how long would he want to learn, even if they experience with Chinese course for one day, MandarinGarden will make study lighthearted for students to learn Chinese language, and we will ensure teaching effect. Our advantage include several points below:

1 Having official teaching certificate and school license.

2 MandarinGarden is an Official New HSK Test centre in Shanghai

3 We offer students visa program.

4 There are three learning centres in Shanghai, they are Changning, Pudong district and Qingpu district.

5 Our teaching environment is wide enough, there is much Chinese element inside our campus.

6 Provide free Chinese level test.

7 Tailor-made learning plans

8 Greatly experienced in preparation for HSK, 100% pass rate, etc.

For more information of our Chinese language school, please consult:

Phone: 0086-02152589881




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