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Learn Chinese in stage of Chinese Charater isn't very hard, because Chinese is a parataxis-prominent language and its characters are hieroglyphs. but you must grasp the gist of it.

The only way to learn Chinese characters is to memorize them. Writing will enable you to use motor memory for recall; otherwise characters can be quickly forgotten. Rather than writing one word many times before doing the next one, write each word once or twice then go through the whole list again until you've done the required number of repetitions. This will put the new words more firmly in your memory.

Our MandarinGarden school can help you with this. While carrying out Chinese characters teaching, the set of our textbooks also introduces various learning strategies, such as memorizing characters by recycling them repeatedly, associating new characters with the familiar ones by finding the similarity between them, and learning new characters with the help of the old ones etc. These strategies will assist learners to master more Chinese characters. So whenever you wanna learn Chinese Characters, just to contact us:


Tel: 0086-02152589881

Mobile: 13361927303



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