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How to learn Chinese is a question for every Chinese language learner wanna solve, let MandarinGarden school answer you a few practical skills:

Check out "Beginner Fastlane", you might learn the most commonly used 150 Chinese characters and basic sentences used in daily life in only 9 articles. Whenever you want to know the meaning of a character or word, click it to look it up. The foundational sentence structure "S+V+O" in Chinese is the same as that in English. So it's easy for you to understand the sentences. Most of the sentences in articles are short so that you can understand them with confidence. The topic and key grammar in each article are explained. Read the articles every day and mimic the pronunciation of the native speakers. You can find a counterpart in English for most of the Chinese pronunciation. Record your voice with the online recording tool. It's convenient for you to play the podcast, then record your voice, and compare your tone and that of the native speakers under the same page. Don't rush. It's worthwhile to be slow at the beginning and get perfect pronunciation. I believe you'll learn all 9 articles in two months and speak Chinese with beautiful accent. Good luck.

If you still have any questions in the aspect about how to learn Chinese, welcome to contact us soon:

National Free-hotline: 4006002922

Phone: 0086-02152589881




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