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[Original] Enjoy learning mandarin in Shanghai

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Posted on Mon, Apr 8, 2013 02:45 AM 0868



 Ni Hao,

Nice to meet you here.

Every time I talk with my students, I can always feel their curiosity and interest in Chinese culture, history and people. Although learning Chinese can be difficult for most of learners, especially starters, we work together very well and have a lot fun.

My first major is Chinese. I spent about 4 years learning Chinese literature and Chinese language teaching. When I graduated, I was a certified middle school Chinese teacher with strength in public speech, calligraphy and class management. But I was so lucky to get another chance to enter BFSU to learn English as the second major. Learning and teaching languages changes my life in terms of attitudes, value and taste. I have met some students from different countries of the world and I really enjoy teaching them. Now I live in Shanghai.

My teaching style is flexible and methods are multiple. We can talk about specific courses and schedule. It is proven that topic module, Pinyin, and real life segment lessons are welcomed.

I must stop here. Anytime you want to learn Chinese, please contact me via



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