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Next time you head to Qingpu Outlets Shopping Villages for some clothing,etc, make sure to swing by Angel’s furniture warehouse(CELL:13621990301 or 13901685220), a large furniture warehouse offering antique Chinese and interior decor located North of Qingpu Outlets Shopping Villages, 2blocks away. Whether you are a fan of contemporary modern, funky retro or classical antique, you will be able to find something that will make your home stand out. Hundreds of unique pieces ―chairs, cabinets, lamps and other home accessories are packed into the store, completing its eclectic style while bright hues like teal, fuchsia, turquoise and lavender light up the space. Our favorite pieces are the antique style wooden high chair (RMB1,680) and the white TV cabinet made of bamboo (RMB4,520). The large red wooden birdcage (RMB900) and lavender flower bud bedside lamp (RMB680) will also add a touch of mystery to your bedroom.


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