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Angela’s Antique Furniture Shop

NO.4849 Beiqing Road, (cross by Jiasong zhong road) in Qingpu district Shanghai

Tel: 1362 1990301 or 1390 1685220

Web: don’t know.

This shop(or called as warehouse) is very elegant, has beautiful Chinese furniture and ceramics, and has crowded Chinese furnitures, unlike other Chinese furniture shop. There is a Chinese boss who introduce and explains the different furnitures’ history and what they used before. Shopping here is more like order in the restaurant. When the ordering list is ready, the Chinese boss brings a paper, write down the furniture list just bought. And leave him few deposit, balance money can be paid while delivery. The Chinese boss is quiet and efficient and have been trained on the ways to serve all your questions. The furnitures are extremely good and will be beautifully polished or waxed while delivery. Surprisingly the prices are moderate. It turns out that this is a shop where Shanghai’s high society shop and one can shop freely and easily,like me. It is a pleasure to shop here. Appointment are a must. The shop opens for visit all the 7 days. Call the above phone for appointment before coming there.


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