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[HugChina] Chinese officials performing inspection in artificial rain using water gun draws criticism

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Posted on Sun, Sep 16, 2012 04:31 AM 01495





Chinese officials using fire-fighting water gun to create scene in which officials were conducting inspection in rain have drawn sharp criticism from Chinese netizens that they were actors making publicity stunt.

September 15, 2012, Leshan - Fire-fighting water gun shooted water and when the water fell it turned to be a "rain". Several Chinese officials stood with umbrellas in the artificial rain, talking about the construction site and future plans. In front of the officials photographers were taking shoot. Emerging on Sept. 13, a microblogging with the title "Officials conduct inspection in rain" has been spreading wildly in Chinese internet and caused criticism and mocking among the Chinese netizens.

The official performance of inspection in rain was disclosed to have happened in the High-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Leshan City in southwestern China's Sichuan Province. Yesterday officials of the Leshan development zone mentioned in the microblogging responded to netizens' criticism that the scene occurring on September 12 was not about inspection, but shoot of a propaganda film aiming to attract investment for the high-tech zone and it was an orginality of the photographer team to perform inspection in rain.

Water gun used to simulate official inspection in rain

On the evening of September 13, microblogger “???ll” posted the microblogging through his Chinese Twitter alike Weibo account with the title Leshan Officials inspect construction site in rain. The microblogging also revealed that the picture was taken near a moulding company in Leshan High-Tech Development Zone. Since the microblogging "has photo and truth" (?????) in it, it quickly spreads across Chinese internet and causes uproar and mocking from Chinese netizens.

Aside from the first photo, another two pictures were also exposed. What happened can be read out from the pictures: On a day without rain, firefighters were making an artificial rain using a fire-fighting water gun on a vast field. And officials holding umbrella were inspecting the site in the rain following the guidance of the photographers. The pictures also show that the water guns were from firefighting truck and many passersby were looking on.

"They are officials? No, they are actors!" the pictures have drawn anger and mocking as soon as they were uploaded. "They dared do so when there were lot of passers-by!" Some netizens think the Leshan officials were making a publicity blunt too brazenly. Others think it is even unforgivable that the officials employed public resources merely for show.

Official response: It was not inspection but photography originality for attracting investment

On September 14, officials of Leshan High-Tech Development Zone told reporters that the pictures were true, but they were not about inspection, instead, the officials were taking a propaganda shoot aiming to attract investment to the hightech development zone. But the explanation is not accepted by most Chinese netizens. Following are the top four comments on popular Chinese news portal

????: I have nothing more to say, you all understand, it is a widespread practice of Chinese government.

loluli: Admirable! It is moving China in 2012.... What good cadres they are: Condition is created when there is no condition.

boyyounger: Do you remember when the heavy rain stormed Beijing in July, a group of officials performed "entering the deluge to rescue residents and then lifting corpses"? The snow-white sockings, gleaming lether shoes, bright and tender thighs of the officials are still vivid in my mind. If the officials compete for title "Pretending China", do you think they will be in the top ten?

???????: It is fucking nauseating?I have thrown up the food I took three days ago!

hejingchun20: Fuck, dirty trick, and a behavior aiming to deceive their superiors and delude their subordinates.

[Source of this article:HugChina]

Picture description:On the no-rain day, firefighters are making an artificial rain using a fire-fighting water gun on a vast field; and officials holding umbrella are performing inspection of the site in the rain following the guidance of the photographers, Leshan, September 12, 2012.


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