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二月活动 --- 迎龙年-包饺子:


1. 活动时间:2月25号 3p.m.2. 活动对象:所有教师和学生以及有兴趣参加的人员

3. 集合地点:新语翔对外汉语培训学校海岸城校区

4. 活动费用:20RMB

5. 联系电话:0755-26839151/26839152 报名的截止日期:

2月24号 欢迎大家踊跃报名参加.


Activity in February—Make dumplings

Have you ever experienced the Chinese spring festival? Have you ever tasted the Chinese dumplings? Do you know the legend of the dumplings? Let me tell you now: The story begins with a subject called “jiaozi” in ancient times, which has a history of more than 1800 years. It was a very welcoming traditional food which became the staple food and local snack of the north people, it was also the new year food. Now, it is well-known and deeply loved by people around the world. Therefore, Classic Mandarin now decides to hold an activity under the theme of “Welcome the Dragon year by making dumplings”, we hope people from different countries can gather at the coastal city and enjoy the culture of talking about dumplings, making dumplings, and eating dumplings

1. Date and Time: At 3pm. on 25th February.

2. Participates: All Classic teachers, Students and anyone who is interested

3. Venue (Destination): Classic Mandarin School (Costal City)

4. Fee: 20RMB

5. Tell: 0755-26839151/26839152 The deadline of our activity is 24th February, we welcome your participation.

Address: Add:Room601,Unit 1,Building 4,Guanhaitai Garden,Wenxin 5th Rd. Nanshan District, Shenzhen.(MTR:Houhai Station Exit E1 )



日時:二月二十五日 午後5時半から


場所:新語翔中国センター海岸城校舎 南山区文心五路観海台4棟1単元601室。


電話番号:0755-26839151/26839152  締め切り:二月の二十三日 ご参加大歓迎です

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