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Bernd Chang
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In December, 2011, Chengdu police made public 17 secret codes and symbols used by local thieves and burglars. Police remind residents to take notice of such symbols and codes, erase the symbols and call the police as soon as they see the symbols.

The meaning of the symbols and secret codes are listed below:

Left from top to bottom:

计划行动:Plan operation

有四五间房子可偷:4-5 units that can be thieved

很有钱:Very wealthy

危险,避开:Dangerous, avoid

小心恶狗:Beware of dog

警察多:Lots of police

当心邻居:Be careful of neighbors

有警报器:Has alarm

容易被撞见危险:Danger of being accidentally caught

Right from top to bottom:

无人防备:No one on guard

无人居住:No one lives here

单身女性居住:Single female resident

1个孩子,2个女人,一个男人:1 child, 2 females, 1 male

家中有人在政府部门工作:Household has someone who works in a government department

没有值钱东西可偷:Nothing valuable worth stealing

不必进入:Not necessary to enter

已经偷过了:Already thieved

[Source of this article:HugChina]

Picture description:The secret codes and symbols the thieves left on the targets or potential targets.


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