Mainlander suspected of stealing an Order of Blue Sky and White Sun in Kinmen

Updated:Tue, May 8, 2012 09:54 AM   By Bernd Chang

Order of Blue Sky and White Sun,Hu Lian

Order of Blue Sky and White Sun with the Grand Cordon

The prestigious Order of Blue Sky and White Sun medal that was awarded to the Chinese war hero Hu Lian was allegedly stolen by a mainland tourist from Heilongjiang Province, according to local media on Tuesday in Taiwan.


May 8, 2012, Xiamen - The Order of Blue Sky and White Sun, one of the highest military honours in Republic of China, was awarded to General Hu Lian for his successful repulsion of the Japanese attack in western Hubei during the second Sino-Japanese War.

Surveillance footage showed a man dressed like a Chinese tourist opening the medal's display case and taking it from a Kinmen museum on May 4.

Kinmen police have identified the suspect as a 76-year-old man, with the surname Qiao, from Heilongjiang Province of mainland China. They said the man boarded a boat that took him back to Xiaomen shortly after the alleged act took place. It was the first time that the Mr. Qiao came to Kinmen and Taiwan.

Located only 2.3 kilometres from the Chinese coast, Kinmen is easily accessed from Xiaomen in mainland China's Fujian Province by taking a 30-minute ferry ride.

General Hu Lian

Hu Lian was born 1907 and graduated from the Whampoa Military Academy. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, Hu was a regiment commander in the 11th division in the Battle of Shanghai. As part of their Sichuan invasion plan, The Imperial Japanese Army attacked Western Hubei, hoping to destroy Chiang Kai Shek's last remaining power base. Under Hu's leadership, the newly formed 18th Corps repulsed the Japanese attack. Afterward, he was awarded with the Order of Blue Sky and White Sun. Hu Lian died in 1977 of heart failure and was buried in Kinmen, where he had soundly defeated the Communist invasions in 1949 and 1958.

The Order of Blue Sky and White Sun

The Order of Blue Sky and White Sun with Grand Cordon is the Republic of China's second highest military award Created in 1929 and is second only to the Order of National Glory.

Unlike many other ROC medals, Order of Blue Sky and White Sun comes only as a first class medal, without varying degrees of commendation; since 1981 it has been presented with the Grand Cordon, a very large ribbon, in this case a white ribbon with red and blue edges. Before that it came with a rosette.

Since its initiation, Republic of China only has awarded altogether 209 medals, among them 161 was awarded for those having great achievements in Sino-Japanese War.

It is said the Order of Blue Sky and White Sun is famed in Taiwan as a free-death medal. Its value in the market is up to 1 million NTD.


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