Sinkhole in Shenzhen swallows two vehicles


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Sinkhole,Road collapse

Sinkhole happened in Shenzhen again. Two vehicles are swallowed by the sinkhole that is 6 meters in diameter and 5 meters deep. 

On the morning of August 17th, a stretch of the pavement on Yankuilu road in the area of the bathing beach Xiaomeisha collapsed and the 5-meter-deep sinkhole swallowed two freighter vans.

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What a world we live in when the ground beneath our feet might open up any moment and suck us under.

On the morning of August  17th, a stretch of Yankuilu road in the famous bathing beach Xiaomeisha region collapsed and swallowed two freighter vans. The sinkhole happened at around 6 am and has an diameter of around 6 meters, an area of about 30 square meters and is 5 meters deep.

Southern Metropolis Daily report says the drivers are luckily only lightly injured. The first freighter van carrying a truck of shrimps fell into the sinkhole at 6:15am. The driver climbed out, called the police and at around 6:50, he failed to stop another van, the driver of which did not notice the waving-hand warning because of the heavy rain.

Police and government officials came to the spot in the afternoon and dispatched a crane to lift up the vehicles. The sinkhole was cordoned off and repair of the road was started.

The report says local residents noted sand and mud kept falling onto the playground of a tunnel right below the sinkhole three months ago and reported the sign of road collapse to the Shenzhen government but no remedy was made.

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