Fear to contract Beijing cough? Then DIY and make an air filtration device as the Laowai does


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Breathing bike,Beijing smog

UK artist Matt Hope rides on his 'breathing bike' which functions as an air filtrition device along the Dongsanhuan street in front of the CCTV 'Big Underpants' building on March 26 when the air quality of Beijing is bad as usual.  

Beijing-based UK artist Matt Hope is taking Beijing’s huge problem of air pollution into his own hands by inventing a breathing bike to filter the Beijing air.

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  • Breathing bike
  • Breathing bike
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Fear to contract Beijing cough which is closely connected with the dirty air? Aside from keeping complaining the frequently happening Beijing smog, actually there is at least one measure you can take: Do it yourself (DIY) and make an air filtration device as what the Beijing based UK artist Matt Hope does.

Not content to sit at home wearing a mask like the local government advises in case of smog which actually happens very frequently in Beijing, Mr. Matt Hope has invented a “breathing bicycle” that helps him breathe clean air.

Matt Hope moved to Beiing in 2007 and has been engaging in art work. The deteriorating air quality of Beijing has inspired him into inventing a bicycle that has the function of filtering the dirty air.

The ‘breathing bike’ runs on electricity that is created from the pedaling motion of the cyclist. The electric current produced then powers a filtration device. The filtration function is achieved when the positive charged device keeps the dust outside and the integral metal which is negative charged absorbs the microparticles in the smog.

“The cost for the breathing device is low. Except the bicycle, other parts are recycled from discarded ‘rubbish’ from the art studio”, said Matt Hope.

And when pictures of Matt Hope riding on his breathing bike through the busy Beijing streets become big news in Chinese internet on March 27, while some Chinese netizens praise his inspiration of invention, others find it a good opportunity to put the Beijing city government on grill again.

鐧簡單単 (QQ.com user) : How dare the country that has no ability to manage the manhole cover well or produce qualified infant powder to call for national rejuvenation!

上有老下有小 (QQ.com user): A heavy flap on the face but nobody is red-faced.

想象力顾问 (QQ.com user): The first time when I saw a Laowai wearing a mouth mask in Beijing I said to myself “you are not a man”. But today when I see the Laowai in this outfit, I think “it is you that are clever”. The lungs really suffer a lot in the smog.

智情泰 (QQ.com user): This is really a man that understands how to care for his life. Well done! You are a man that takes action in life! When only there are more and more such kind of men, our living conditions will improve. The friends looking around him, you should know that it is not enough to be just curious about his outfits. When you have straightened out your thinking, start to take action!

冰/moon轮 (QQ.com user): Laowais are really too week to endure the Beijing air pollution. Have you seen the Chinese brothers around you, who are riding their bicycles as usual without such an air purification device.

只爱月光 (QQ.com user): I also ride bicycle in Beijing, I have thought of finding such a device since long time ago.

We recommend 只爱月光 to visit Matt Hope's homepage and learn how to DIY if he is not patient enough to wait another three years (or maybe much longer) when the pollution problem of Beijing would be solved by 2015, as promised by Beijing city government on March 29 when it announced to invest 100 billion RMB in treating pollution and set a time limit of three years for the lofty task.
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