Wearing a face mask, Ian Somerhalder shares his taste of Shanghai smog on Weibo: Such a beautiful day!


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Wearing a face mask, Ian Somerhalder, the heartthrob actor and protagonist in The Vampire Diaries posed for photography in Shanghai on Saturday, December 28th, 2013. 

American actor Ian Somerhalder is spending holiday in China. Wearing a face mask, he ridiculed the murky sky of Shanghai as 'beautiful' on Weibo.

American heartthrob actor Ian Somerhalder, who stars bad boy vampire Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, has arrived in China on a charming tour for his millions of Chinese fans.

He shared with his two million Weibo followers his experience with Shanghai and the smog as soon as he landed in China.

"It feels good to be back in China! Did you miss me? - 回到中国的感觉非常好!你们想我了吗?"  is the fist post on Ian Somerhalder’s official and verified Weibo account @IanSomerhalder_Official on the evening of December 27th when he landed in Pudong International Airport.

"Hi, beautiful morning Shanghai! - 嗨,美丽的上海,早安!" tweeted Ian Sommerhalder this morning with a picture showing the murky landscape of the Shanghai Bund  and the Huangpu River.

"Such a beautiful day in Shanghai - 在上海多么美好的一天", tweeted Ian Somerhalder after noon today with a picture showing he and his friends wearing face masks posed for photography with the Oriental Pearl TV Tower as the background.

It appears all the Chinese commentators regard the last tweet of the heatthrob American actor Ian Somerhalder as  jeering at the smog and air pollution of Shanghai.

@心情美美滴晒阳光:  The masks disclose the bitter irony in this tweet. Sigh…

@_璐璐de:  Smog + mask + handsome guy, these pictures are really fantastic! If The Vampire Diaries Season 1 had been shot in China, the frog needed in the scenario when Damon appeared could have been saved.

@vvvvvvampire:  I think the smog is quite serious...but I hope you can have a good time! welcome to Shanghai and Beijing!!!

But to be frank, Saturday can be called a beautiful day, or at least a satisfactory day in Shanghai, as we can identify some blue color in the sky in the pictures and the visibility is estimated to be as far as several kilometers. And the Air Quality Index (AQI) that is recorded averagely 150 (or light pollution based on Chinese standard) in the whole day is really not so bad for this metropolis where PM2.5 reading was once off-the-chart (higher than 500).

Ian Somerhalder is scheduled to arrive in Beijing tomorrow as informed from his Weibo. He is lucky, air quality is extraordinarily good in Beijing tomorrow as PM2.5 is expected to be as low as 80. But if Ian Somerhalder means murky or even invisible sky by saying “beautiful day”, he may have to stay for some time in Beijing, but not so long, one week is enough, I am sure.

[Images via Weibo @IanSomerhalder_Official]

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