Annoyed by woman littering on street, Chinese environmental sanitation worker cuts off her finger


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Littering on street could have severe consequence. The Chinese woman supposed to had littered on street had one of her fingers cut off by an angry city cleaner who thought his labor should be respected. 

A Chinese woman in Zhuzhou of Hunan was asked to pick up the trash she threw about and when she refused, the city sanitation worker cut off her finger. Chinese netizens' opinions are divided on the behaviors of both the victim and offender.

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Littering has long been a notorious label on Chinese in the world. Although there are a lot of laws and regulations that prohibit Chinese from doing so, throwing about trash on the street is still a diehard habbit for many Chinese. But now it can be expected that some of them will refrain from littering on street when they know they have tougher law enforcement officers and the possible severe consequence like the following one.

Woman's finger was cut off for littering on street

On the morning of November 3, someone in a minibus threw about litter at a crossroad in Zhuzhou of Hunan after having breastfirst. The litter on the street annoyed a city environmental sanitary worker who had just cleaned there. The city cleaner came up to the minibus and asked the passengers in it to pick up the trash they had thrown. The people in the minibus refused and the two sides quickly fell into a quarrel. The sanitary worker apparently could not control his temper, he suddenly took out a kitchen knife and slashed at the passengers in the minibus. A woman named Zhou Ting in the minibus had one of her fingers cut off and her husband was injured on the arm by the sudden attack.

After injuring two people, the sanitary worker bound his knife on his waist and keeped up with cleaning the street. When police arrived he climbed up to the roof of a 14-story building and came down only after repeated request.

The environmental sanitation worker was detained later by police in Zhuzhou of Hunan. According to police, he was 33-year-old Guo Nengfang from Yuanjiang of Hunan, and he had worked as city environmental sanitary worker only for 20 days and before he had been a vagrant.

"I have cleaned the street through hard work, they should have shown basic respect to my labor! Right?" Guo Nengfang has not calmed down yet, "These people need to be forcefully controlled!".

Chinese netizens' opinions divided on the behaviors of the two sides

The violence over littering on street between the enviromental sanitation worker and passengers in the minibus has sparked a heated debate among Chinese netizens. While a slight majority of some Chinese netizens defend the behavior of the sanitary worker, arguing punishing those showing no respect to others' work is justified, other Chinese think the behavior of littering on street should be criticized but violent attack of the sanitation worker on those littering is too much and also should be punished.

Following are some comments on popular Chinese news portal

黑十字Ke from Suzhou of Jiangsu: Bloody lesson! You are not considerate of others' hard work, they will let you taste brutal violence!

pujing1260 from Jieyang of Guangdong: It is true those littering are of low moral quality, but supporting the violence of the sanitation worker is too much. Based on this logic, a bloody lessen should be given to those going through red light? to those arrogant customers entering a shop by salesman? In my opinion, this incident has nothing to do with the hardship of the sanitation worker. Those littering are not right, but they do not deserve the punishment of losing a finger.

独特独一无二 from Xi'an of Shaanxi: Are you relatives of those littering about on street? They deserve a lesson. The sanitation workers start to work at three o'clock in the morning while most people are sleeping. We are all equal humans. Why can some humans can tread on achievement of others through hardship? I also look down upon those running through red light.

A netizen from Nantong of Jiangsu: It is absurd that a human talks big about public morality but ignores the harm of such extreme behavior of chopping others.

A mobile netizen from Fujian: The environmental sanitation worker is justified to defend himself!

我要移民到新闻联播里 [Netizen from Shenzhen of Guangdong]: You ought not have chopped off the finger of the woman littering. For those refusing to pick up the trash after requested, you should have cut off their hand!
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