Spectacular fireworks end 16th Asian Games


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16th Asian Games 2010,Guangzhou

EYE-CATCHING: Firework lit up the sky during the closing ceremony of the 16th Asian Games. 

After two weeks of intense competition, China brought down the curtains on the 16th Asian Games with a well-planned closing ceremony.

November 27,2010, Guangzhou - It was a spectacular climax to the 16th Asian Games, as China showcased the power and splendour of Asia, with a befitting closing ceremony, on the magnificent platform at the Haixinsha Island on Saturday. It was time to celebrate the success of the athletes and the success of the Games.

The torch tower and flame glowing in all its glory on the cauldron standing in front of the eight huge sail-boat television screens depicting the salient features of the 45 nations, the 610-metre Canton tower looking down majestically on one side, the fireworks lighting up the sky, the beautifully decorated and colourfully lit boats on sail on the river on one side, the city lit up nicely in the background, it was another spell-binding performance with emphasis on dance and music.

Merry dance

The audience was floored by a sequence of songs, including one in Hindi ‘saajan ki ghar aayi' with the Chinese women in different costumes dancing merrily, depicting the conglomeration of the different cultures of the region.

The sea, with the sails, boats, children on six stands swaying to the beats, sometimes with lighted stars in their hands made for an unforgettable spectacle.

The Chinese continued to play with water. There was a boat that came out from water on the big stage and set sail with people waving. The platform opened up for a water channel and it was time for the boat to move from land to water.

Memorable moments

There was the formation of a huge flower under the torch tower, and people danced all around in different costumes, leading to a Dragon dance that won a huge round of applause.

The moments will be etched in memory for the 35,000 audience, lucky to be present at the arena, able to imbibe the whole picture, quite impossible for the biggest of television screens, and the best of modern movie cameras, to capture in one frame.

The president of the Olympic Council of Asia, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, was all praise for the host, and played the mediator in handing over the first Asian Games torch, the first Asian Games flag and the first OCA flag from the hosts to the team from Korea, the host for the next edition in Incheon in 2014.

The OCA president summed up by saying, “the many moments of excitement, in one of the most outstanding edition in the history of the Games, would be reduced to memory to be shared by all.”

He said that the Guangzhou, the City of Flowers would be remembered henceforth as the “city of sport and peace.”

He declared the Games closed, and announced that the youth icons would meet again after four years, and celebrate the 17th Asian Games in Korea.

The Koreans took over the stage, and gave glimpses of what they would show as hosts, with a bunch of songs and a spell of dance, that included martial arts and acrobatics.

Soon, there was a lighted boat that sailed in mid air, as if it had descended from the skies, moving close to the cauldron. A lady waved from the boat and was seen projecting as if she was pouring water. The fire in the cauldron vanished, and the boat sailed away towards the Canton tower, merging into the night. The fireworks exploded in the sky. Well done Guangzhou. See you in Incheon.

A total of 9,704 athletes from 45 countries and regions, 4,983 team officials, 4,191 technical officials and 9,939 journalists congregated for the largest-ever Asian Games in history.

In all, 28 countries and regions pocketed gold, and 36 took home at least one medal.

As of Friday, three world records were broken, and 12 Asian records were set in swimming and cycling.

Chinese weightlifter Li Ping broke the snatch and total world records in the women's 53kg class on Nov 14, while Korean teenager Kim Woo-jin set a new world record during the qualifying rounds for the men's individual archery event.

The games also gave regional sports a platform on which to shine, thanks to the inclusion of 14 non-Olympic sports.

Medals Tally top ten:

Country G S B Total
China 199 119 98 416
South Korea 76 65 91 232
Japan 48 74 94 216
Iran 20 14 25 59
Kazakhstan 18 23 38 79
India 14 17 33 64
Chinese Taipei 13 16 38 67
Uzbekistan 11 22 23 56
Thailand 11 9 32 52
Malaysia 9 18 14 41
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