Here is the details of how the telecom scam swindled Tang Wei out of 210k yuan


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Tang Wei,Telecom scam

The apparently frightened Tang Wei rushed to a bank to transfer 210,000 yuan ($35000) to the swindler after being told by a "police" in a phone call that something was wrong with her bank deposit (involved in a criminal case?), Chinese media reported Tuesday. 

Chinese media revealed the details on how Tang Wei was cheated: she was the only one in their acting group that believed the swindler who claimed to be a police.

Curious about how the smart, sexy "Lust, Caution" actress Tang Wei was swindled out of 210k yuan in a telecom scam on Saturday as all Chinese netizens are? Now we have the details from NetEase.

All members of the acting group that were filming with Tang Wei in Songjiang, Shanghai on Saturday received similar message from self-proclaimed public security bureau officer as what Tang Wei received, but only Tang believed the message and called back to the swindler who told Tang Wei that something was wrong with her bank deposit (involved in a criminal case?) and she must transfer all her money to another bank account designated by the "public security bureau officer" to avoid being criminally charged.

And our "pure goddess" Tang Wei was apparently frightened and rushed to a bank outlet, opened internet functions for her bank account and then got online and transferred the money as instructed to the swindler's bank account through internet!

The story of how Tang Wei was swindled has got headlined throughout China’s internet media Tuesday. While some netizens indulged in rediculing the internationally acclaimed Chinese actress Tang Wei (Chinese: 汤唯) as "pure goddess", others have been accusing the police of being incompetent and negligent of duty and holding them responsible for the prevalence of telecom frauds in China:

A NetEase user from Sichuan:  A kind-hearted and pure girl!

A NetEase user from Jilin:  She is just silly.

NetEase user 永恒依恋:  This goddess seem to be lack of intelligence.

A NetEase user from Guangzhou:  Was it because she is too pure or she had something to hide?

NetEase user  yiwangui1984 :  Tang Wei, just because you trust in others, I love you!

NetEase user  redfish007 :  That is because she stayed in UK for so long time that she becomes so pure and believes in rule of law as well as police.

NetEase user 秀才V :  I have a friend that deposited 7000 yuan after years of hardwork but all was swindled out in a telecom scam. He reported to police but nothing has been heard so far. The police ignore his plight just as such cases usually are treated in China.

A NetEase user from Chengdu, Sichuan:   I am curious about such telecom fraud. For every fraud, there must be a bank account receiving money. Can’t the bank staff find out the receiving bank account? Why don’t they freeze it? Why don’t they review the surveillance video of the man drawing the money?

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