Hubei to replace hammer with brick as emergency safety device in public buses, inspired by mental patient's insane action


Chinese Society  Updated:Fri, Aug 2, 2013 09:14 AM   By Bernd Chang


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Xiangyang considers replacing hammers with red bricks as emergency escape tool in public buses, because hammers often get stolen. 

Inspired by an action of a mentally ill patient who smashed bus door with a brick, Xiangyang public transportation company considers replacing emergency hammers with the cheap but powerful bricks as safety device in all public buses.

The deadly bus fire in Xiamen that killed at least 47 passengers early this month reminds the nation how important an emergency hammer could be in reducing death toll.

Actually all Chinese companies for public passenger transportation have been required to install emergency hammers in their passenger vehicles since years ago and a growing number of these companies follow the rule.

One of the reasons why other companies are reluctant to abide by the regulation is that the small emergency hammers often get stolen.

According to a Jingchuwang report, more than 1000 emergency hammers were stolen last year from buses of Xiangyang City Public Bus Group in Xiangyang, Hubei province in central China.

“Since the emergency hammer is just a safety device in vehicles to break through window glass in an emergency, can we replace it with another emergency escape tool that can smash open the window and in the meantime  thieves have no interest in”? Bus driver Mr. Wang Minggong has been thinking over and over.

And he does find a solution! And it is true that great ideas are often thought out in a sudden, but always by those having long been prepared for them!

Last week, when Mr. Wang drove his bus passing through a commercial plaza in Xiangyang city, he saw a mentally deranged patient smash the front door of a bus with a red brick that is widely used in Chinese countryside as house building material.

Why not use the brick as the safety device in public bus, this one is totally cheap but is powerful enough to smash open the glass window. Mr. Wang was excited to find the brick does work when he used it on a discarded public bus in an experiment.

And his idea has gain support from the Xiangyang public transportation company. A management official of the company pronounced they will first experiment on Wang’s bus and replace all emergency hammer with this emergency brick in all buses if the trial is successful.

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