Is it reinforcing or reducing bureaucracy? Chinese city Xiangyang sets up hundreds of ‘immediate handling offices' to improve government efficiency in solving residents' appeals


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Immediate handling office,Bureaucracy

The district-level office for "Right-now Handle", office for treating vulgarity, laziness and desultoriness and the office for improving efficiency of Fancheng district, Xiangyang city, Hubei province.  

Xiangyang city of Hubei province has established hundreds of 'Immediate Handling Offices' to deal with residents' appeals, criticized as adding more bureaucracy to cope with bureaucracy.

  • Immediate handling office
  • Immediate handling office
  • Immediate handling office


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Most Chinese that have once entered a government office to ask for help to resolve their difficulties or problems understand what they have appealed will not be solved, or, if they are lucky enough, will be handled at a later time.

But this king of government bureaucracy might be changed, again, if the Chinese are lucky enough, with the introduction of the “immediate handling office” (or "handle right now office") brought about by Hubei officials.

Shortly after Chinese new premier Li Keqiang promised to construct a servicing government instead of a dictating one, Xiangyang, a city in central China’s Hubei province, takes action and possibly provides a model for its peers.

As early as 2011, the party discipline inspection commission of Fancheng district of Xiangyang city combined six departments including the office for treating vulgarity, laziness and desultoriness, the office for rectifying unhealthy tendencies and the office for improving efficiency, etc. into a new government department, and they call it "马上办办公室", literally meaning immediate handling office, or handle it right now office, or do it right away office.

The purpose of establishing the new office, according to the officials, as its name implies, is to enable the immediate handling of the appeals, difficulties and problems the local residents and enterprises encounter.

According to the, the district of Fancheng in Xiangyang city has set up totally 192 immediate handling offices, including 27 district-directing immediate handling departments, 10 township offices, 79 community offices and 76 village offices.

While some media praise the new efforts of the local government to enhance efficiency, the response of the usually carp Chinese netizens is mostly negative with many criticizing the Xiangyang city of using more bureaucracy to cure bureaucracy.

黑白素描( user): What a genetic freak! “Solve right now” becomes a new government office! Is it the basic responsibility of every state department to handle right now? Isn’t it? Why have we such a malformed thing! Should we establish “Not accepting presents office”, “Not asking for pay office”? So ridiculous!

天蓝蓝( user): They want to gain notoriety by shocking actions, why not directly change it to unnecessary-to-solve office!

神行者( user): it creates more jobs, well done, support!

技术支持(舆情) ( user): Do you mean other government departments are all “postponing handling offices”? So you know by yourself the problems, why did you add a new handle right away office?

Maybe if bureaucrats in the "handle it right now office" do not handle the appeals of residents right away, Xiangyang city should hire more employees to work in a new office called "handle in seconds what immediate handling office postpones to handle".
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