Is it a practice of democracy or actually a tyranny of the majority to let middle school students vote the naughtiest?


Chinese Society  Updated:Thu, Jan 18, 2018 04:24 AM   By Bernd Chang


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Students in a Xi'an middle school were asked to elect the naughtiest and the student with the highest votes were offered a special seat close to the podium. 

A head teacher in a senior middle school in Xian city, Shaanxi province has drawn wide criticism for letting students vote the most naughty and then allocating a special seat for the title 'winner'.

Chinese do want the right to vote, but certainly not this kind of voting.

Last Friday, a parent from Xi'an city in northwestern China's Shaanxi province complained to the local Huashang Newspaper that the head teacher of his child's class let the students elect anonymously the naughtiest student and then assigned a special seat for the title "winner".

"The head teacher let students vote the most naughty and the student who get the most votes was allocated with a special seat close to the podium. We think this educational measure is not appropriate”, the parent complained.

His kid is currently a grade one student in the senior middle school where the teacher worked. “What does the teacher teach? Teach the students to inform secretly against each other? Teach them to take good chance to revenge against those at odds?” the parent questioned.

"My kid told me of the voting after school and thinks what the teacher did is wrong. Actually not only my child, but also other students do not approve the teacher's way of educational administration. But as students, they had no choice but to comply with the teacher's will, otherwise they could face penalty. "

"School is the place where students study knowledge and learn how to behave appropriately in the society. How can the teacher trample on the dignity of the students in this way? My child did not tell me the voting result. At present a boy labelled as puppy lover by the teacher sits on the special seat", the parent added.

“I was surprised to hear such report”, Mr. Li Zongzuo, a psychologist who has been dedicated to psychological health of teens and juveniles, expressed his explicit objection to what the teacher did, “Obviously, the teacher took a very rude way to discipline the students and could seriously damage the mutual trust among students. The teacher takes advantage of students'  sense of shame for the goal of making them docile and obedient."

The teacher apparently draws much more criticism after more media follow suit.

Beijing-based Xinjingbao, or New Beijing Daily, criticized the teacher of practising a kind of label education by letting students elect the naughtiest. "Rudely branding the student in the name of voting goes ill with the healthy growing-up of the students, and adds rift between students”, the newspaper stated in an editorial.

Changsha-based Rednet criticized the teacher of abuse of democracy in a commentary, calling what the teacher did a tyranny of the majority, rather than a practice of democracy.

The national Legal Daily also hated to be overlooked and condemned the teacher's behaviour as abuse of dignity of the students. “This way of disciplining students infringes on the health and dignity rights of the students”, the newspaper commented in an editorial.

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