Wuhan installs 20 CCTV cameras on one pole pointing at one direction


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That seems to be overkill: What do you think the 20 CCTV cameras on the lookout for? 

Wuhan installs 20 CCTV cameras on one pole pointing at one direction, looking like group of sparrows perched there.

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As if Chinese cities are competing with each other to see who can install the largest number of CCTV cameras at one place.

Just days after media attention at Shanghai’s surveillance-cameras-group began to ebb down,  Wuhan, capital city of central China’s Hubei province, grabs the eyeballs for having installed 20 surveillance devices on one wire pole, Xinhua reported on Sunday.

The 20 surveillance cameras are fitted on four beams of the pole near the Changganglu metro station of the Line 2 in Jianghan district.

And it is noticed that all the CCTV cameras are pointing at one direction. A box with police symbol and a notice saying “Jianghan District CCTV Testing spot” hangs below the cameras on the wire pole.

The surveillance devices should be installed and used by the Yulanli Community Police Office of Hanxing Police Station, which is located just nearby.

Many local residents passing by are curious about the sparrow-group like surveillance devices perched on a single pole, some ask in a mocking tone: "Are they have an important meeting there?"

According to 2011 Sina report, Wuhan has installed 250,000 surveillance cameras across the 8-million-resident metropolis.

China has many reasons to install the world’s largest network of surveillance devices, just name a few: too many thieves, robbers and other kind of domestic enemies, rising terrorist attacks risk, Chinese government is too rich to have to find ways to spend the public money.

As to the reason for the frequently occuring sparrow-group-like surveillance cameras, as some Chinese netizens point out, very possibly due to, well, the smog like this one that is often heavy enough to blind the expensive CCTV devices, making it necessary to install more.

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