What a miracle: 39 years old, 0.7-meter tall Chinese dwarf woman gives birth to twins


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Chinese dwarf mother,Dwarf wife

Deng Xinglu is looking after his dwarf wife preparing for delivery in Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital, Chongqing, September 4, 2012. It is a miracle birth that the 0.7-meter tall, 39 years old Chinese dwarf woman Chen Guoqin succeeded in giving birth to a girl and her dead twin by caesarean after 8-month pregnancy, making her the smallest woman ever to give birth to twins in China. 

Miraculous birth: Standing at just 0.7-meter tall, 39 years old Chinese dwarf woman Chen Guoqin was overjoyed to know she conceived twins. And after 8-month pregnancy, Chen Guoqin succeeded in giving birth to a girl and her dead twin in early September, making her the smallest woman ever to give birth to twins in China.

  • Chinese dwarf mother
  • Chinese dwarf mother
  • Chinese dwarf mother
  • Chinese dwarf mother


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September 8, 2012, Chongqing - Standing at just 70cm tall, 39 years old Chinese dwarf women Chen Guoqin from Chongqing municipality in southwest China was overjoyed to know five months ago that she conceived twins. During the last several months, Chen Guoqin and her 58 years old husband Deng Xinlu have had mixed feelings and unforgettable experience: from the early overjoy to the later pains that one of the twins died in mother's abdomen, to the final excitement to be informed of the successful delivery of their daughter and her dead twin by caesarean on the morning of September 4, 2012.

"Congratulations! your wife gave birth to a daughter". Deng Xinlu having waited outside the divery room of Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital for over an hour finally got the news from nurse that his dwarf wife and his child were both safe.

"I am so excited to have a baby at the age of 58", the fresh father Deng Xinglu said in tears recalling the difficulties he and his dwarf wife had experienced during the last 8 months.

The couple were rural residents of Jinpan Village, Shuren Town, Fengdu County, Chongqing Municipality in southwest China. The husband Deng Xinglu 邓兴禄 had been an orphan and lived a destitute life. Except his healthy and 1.68-meter tall body, his most valuable belongings was the clay house he built by his own. He was a single man until 2011 when a neighbour introduced 70-centimeter tall dwarf woman Chen Guoqin 陈国琴 from nearby Baijiangdong Village to him. "Having a wife is anyway better than living the rest of life without a wife", Deng Xinlu did not hesitate a while to accept Chen Guoqin as his wife. And in Feburary 2011, the then 57 years old, 1.68 meters tall Deng Xinglu married 38 years old, 0.7 meter tall Chen Guoqin and they held a simple but happy wedding ceremony a month later.

Overjoyed to be told the dwarf wife conceived twins

In May 2012 Chen Guoqin noticed her menstrual cycle stopped and after tested in the town clinic she was told by doctors that she had conceived twins for four months! After returning to home, the overjoyed hasband notified every fellow villager he met, "It is the most happy things all my life. I am satisfied to marry my wife, but I have never dreamed that I can have twin babies!"

But things did not go very smoothly. On July 1 they had news after taking a routine pregnancy test that one of the twins died in mother's uterus, and what was even worse, the dwarf mother suffered from hypertension, anemia etc. It was dangerous to both the mother and baby if the pregnance was continued. But they decided to spare no efforts to giving birth to their baby. The next two months proved to be hard time for the dwarf mother since the baby grew bigger and the symptoms of the mother became heavy. On September 3, after 33 weeks pregnancy, Chen Guoqin was admitted to hospital and doctors decided to conduct caesarean immediately. The next morning, after over one hour long surgery, Chen delivered a baby girl weighing 3.5 Jin (1.75 kilogram) and the the other twin having died for months was also taken out.

Whether the baby girl will also be a dwarf is still unknown

"I want to see my daughter with my own eyes!" Chen Guoqin said when she awaked on September 5. Deng Xinglu said their baby girl was still hospitalized in intensive care ward since she was born early than expected and the mother is a dwarf.

"Those suffering from inherent dwarfism is prone to have abnormal ovarium leading to infertinity. It is rare that dwarf woman at advanced age like Chen Guoqin is able to conceive baby, and it is even rarer that she conceived twins. The fact that she successfully delivered a baby is really a miracle!" Liu Shanshan, the gynecologist in Xinqiao Hospital, told reporters.

"But in theory, it is recommended that dwarf women not get pregnant and try to give birth to children, because they risk their lives to do so, and even worse, the possibility that the offsprings are also dwarfs is high. If both the husband and wife are dwarfs, their children will 80% probably be dwarfs; and if only one of the parents is dwarf, the probability that the offsprings become dwarfs is smaller but can not be ruled out." added Liu Shanshan.

Controversial birth?

A majority of Chinese netizens convey their congratulations to the couple who have created miracle and record in China. Chen Guoqin is estimated to be the smallest woman ever to give birth in China. But many express against the dwarf mother to give birth to children and suggest they should have adopted healthy children from other parents instead of having their own. Some Chinese criticize the father that he does not take the responsibility of the safety of his wife and the future life of his child. Some even accuse him of raping his small wife since his wife is only as tall as a one-year old baby.
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