Wenzhou man taking a narrow gap between houses as shortcut gets stuck for 10 hours, almost losing his life

Updated:Tue, Mar 12, 2013 05:37 AM   By Bernd Chang

Stuck between walls,Wenzhou man

A Wenzhou man's shortcut between two walls left him with cuts and bruises and almost cost him his life when he got stuck and couldn't go forwards or backwards.

A man from Wenzhou city of Zhejiang province was stuck between walls as he tried to get home through a shortcut.
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The man, at the age of 50 years old, is a villager from Xinqiao village, Winzhou city, Zhejiang province in East China.

In order to return home from a bar as quickly as possible at 1 o’clock am on the early morning of March 7th, he took the 20-centimeter broad gap between two houses as the shortcut but ended up being stuck there and unable to move either forwards or backwards.

The Wenzhou man was not discovered until someone on their way to work saw him in the bright morning. Some volunteers tried to pull him out but had to give up when finding he was cutting his face and hands on the bricks. In the end firefighters were called for help. And when firefighters came to the spot the poor Wenzhou man had been stuck between the walls for more than 10 hours.

The man was finally freed when one of the home owners allowed rescuers to smash a hole in the wall so that he could be taken into their front room.

The Xinqiao villager said that by the time he was spotted he was freezing cold and was worried he might end up dying in the enclosed space.

He was allowed to continue on his way home without any medical treatment but as well as the long delay it's also going to be costly – he needs to arrange for the wall that was knocked down to be repaired.


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