Video: Chinese woman poops in GLASS elevator in Shenzhen subway while her husband stands on guard, but it may not be fault of the couple


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Poops in elevator,Uncivilized behavior

Photo shows a woman poops in glass elevator in Shenzhen subway while a man keeps on guard. Scroll down to watch the video. 

A video clip titled woman poops in elevator in Shenzhen subway has gone viral on Chinese social media, drawing criticism toward the couple as well as toward the subway planners who set no toilet in many of the subway stations.

It was reported Chinese toddlers once used airplane aisle, subway carriage as the place to relieve their uncontrollable bowels.

But actually toddlers are not the only age of Chinese that poop at undesired places. A video clip titled woman poops in elevator in Shenzhen subway has gone viral on Chinese social media.

And the elevator is made of transparent GLASS!

The 42-second long video recorded within the elevator shows people were walking about outside the elevator when the woman in her forties pulled off her pants, squatted down, and pooped in seconds while a man, likely her husband, was on guard.

The couple left the elevator 30 seconds later, leaving a pile of (something you understand) behind.

Shenzhen subway administration confirmed the incident and criticized such uncivilized behavior of passengers on May 4th when contacted by local Southern Metropolic Daily.

But do not hasten to blame the uncivilized passengers only.

A reporter from Southern Metropolis Daily came to the subway station of Henggang where the pooping took place and found there is no public toilet in the station. And even worse, none of 16 subway stations of stretch of Subway Line 3 that runs on viaduct are equipped with toilet!

Shenzhen with 15 million people living and working in a tiny area of 2000 square kilometers is one of the most rapidly expanding and dazzling metropolis of China with hundreds of futuristic skyscapers.

Everyday about one million people take the subway line 3 to working place. The Line 3 is a super modern new subway line that only opened to public in late 2010. There are only toilets outside the subway stations, say, 300 or even 1000 meters away, if a passenger can control his or her bowels and is not lazy enough. As of 7:00 pm May 4, the video has been watched for more than 790,000 times and drawn tens of thousands of comments.

Although many of the comments are critical of the couple for their "uncivilized behavior", there are a slightly majority of Chinese netizens pointing finger at the shabby subway design of the apparently dazzling line 3 for not providing any toilet for the passengers in millions per day.

And there are some netizens mocking the incident as showing the "true love".

@ G inaY ang117: Even if you could not control your bowels, you should at least bring your shit away and clear up the elevator.

@圆君俩老: It is better not to do so even if you suffer from some disease.

@旋转a钢镚儿: Every human has three kind of emergent needs (piss, poop, and hungry for food). The woman appeared to be forced to do so by emergent needs.

铁骨草民( user): The title should be changed to: There is no toilet in Shenzhen subway, forcing woman to poop in elevator.

A mobile phone user from Jiuquan of Gansu: F**K, there are huge traffic of passengers in subway but the stupid subway designers set up no toilet in the stations! It is expected to occur routinely that people piss and poop in subway. The subway planners should take introspections!

XL35800 ( user): It is the fault of the subway planners. I suppose the woman did not intend to do so.

A user from Canada: The most romantic thing I can imagine is to accompany you to poop in elevator, to guard your privacy, and to become older together with you.

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