Torrential rainfall continues to hammer Hainan


Chinese Society  Updated:Fri, Oct 8, 2010 21:43 PM   By Bernd Chang


Hainan Deluge

Automobiles are running in great difficulty on heavily flooded streets of Sanya, Hainan 

Torrential rainfall continues to hammer south China's island Province of Hainan for the seventh day in a row. At least one fisherman has been killed. Three others are missing. More than 1.6 million residents are affected by the wild weather. 210-thousand of them have been forced to flee their homes.

BEIJING, Oct. 8 (Xinhuanet) -- Millions of people visit Hainan Island every year. It's one of China's most popular tourist destinations. But, not at the moment.

Qionghai city has copped the worst of the torrential rainfall. An unbelievable 1.2 meters of rain has fallen in less than a week. The constant rain has flooded many residents' homes, inundating everything in its path.

In Lecheng village of Qionghai city, 45-thousand residents are stranded by the torrent of water. Some are putting their lives at risk just by trying to wade through.

Police are using 23 lifeboats to rescue the trapped - who leave their flooded homes with just a handful of belongings. Everything else is gone.

This mom and her two young children had to fend for themselves for hours before being picked up.

Police carried this elderly man through the flood and mud for miles until they reached safety. He couldn't walk himself.

As the sun sets, most of the trapped have been rescued. But, to ensure no one's left, the search in this silent village carries on.

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