All three left-behind siblings of a Jiangxi rural family drown to death

Updated:Fri, Aug 2, 2013 08:38 AM   By Bernd Chang

Siblings drown,Left behind Children

The extremely grieved grandmother cries in tears and dares not to look back at the bodies of her three grandchildren siblings. Her son and daughter-in-law are on the way home from Guangdong province where they work as migrant workers.

Three siblings of a rural family drowned in a village pond in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province in central China. All the three siblings are left behind children with their parents working in remote costal cities.


Three siblings of a rural family drowned in a pond in Wenqing village, Honggutan New District, Nanchang city, Jiangxi province in central China, Jiangxi Daily reported. 

All the three siblings are left behind children cared by their old grandma while their parents are working in Guangdong province sever hundred kilometers away.

The three siblings are two brothers and one sister and aged at 10, 9 and 5 years old respectively. The elder two are studying in primary school and the youngest boy is enrolled in a kindergarten.

According to Jiangxi Daily, the three siblings drowned to death when they played alongside the pond in front of the village. Since no villagers passed by the pond at the time, nobody knew they were in danger until body of the five years old boy emerged out of the water surface. How did they slip into the water and drown in unknown. 

Their uncle, Luo Shujin, heard of the incident and rushed to the scene. He suspected the other two children may also have drowned and found their bodies at the bottom of the pond, the report said.

Left behind Children drown

The pond has an approximate area of 18,000 square meters and several meters deep. It is  located in front of the village but more near to the family of the three siblings.

China has more than 60 million Left-behind Children

The death of the three siblings highlights the predicaments of China’s millions of left-behind children.

In November 2012,five boys having no enough clothes took a dumpster as refuge and kept a fire burning inside to keep warm on a cold rainy night, but died from carbon monoxide poisoning instead in Bijie city, Guizhou province. All the five boys were left-behind children.

A widening wealth gap and rising living costs are driving increasing numbers of poor rural parents to look for jobs in remote large cities, leaving their children behind at home, resorting their old parents to take care of their children.

Without a Hukou (permanent residence permit) at the cities, Chinese children of migrant workers are not allowed to enter public schools in the same cities where they work, or allowed only under certain conditions which migrant workers usually can not meet. In addition, the high cost in big cites and the lack of rest time are also reasons why migrant workers have to leave their children behind.

The number of children under 17 years old in rural areas whose parents leave them with grandparents or other family members in order to earn money in cities has soared to 61.02 million, accounting for 37.7 percent of rural children and 21.88 percent of all children in China, according to a report published by the All-China Women's Federation right before the Children’s Day.


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