Guangdong primary school teacher orders little class cadre to give a 6 years old pupil 50 beats with club in front of the total class; teacher fired for student abuse


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Teacher abuses student,Child abuse

6 years old primary school pupil Yongzai from Foshan, Guangdong province has his buttocks beaten to black and blue by a classmate requested by the teacher. 

To establish her authority, a female Guangdong primary school teacher orders class monitor to give a 6 years old pupil 50 beats with club in front of the total class until the buttocks of the poor child get black and blue; The teacher was fired later for child abuse.

Not finishing homework could have severe consequence in China, no matter how old you are.

A primary school teacher in Foshan, Guangdong province was not satisfied with simply scolding 6 years old Yongzai for unfinished homework. To establish her authority over the class, the teacher then ordered the monitor of the class to give Yongzai 50 beats on his buttocks with a one-meter long stick.

The buttocks of Yongzai has been black and blue since being given 50 spanks with a stick one week ago by class monitor. According to his mother Ms. Cheng, Yongzai apparently gets frightened and dares not go to school again.

It is the eight year since Ms. Cheng came to Foshan city, Guangdong province eight years ago. Her son Yongzai is 6 years old but behaves very independently and has got used to bath, sleep on his own. Yongzai became a freshman in the private Zidong primary school, Nanzhuang Town, Foshan city, Guangdong province in last September.

On the early morning of March 8th, Ms. Cheng noticed the buttocks of Yongzai were black and blue. Ms. Cheng was pained to tears to hear the appalling story his son told him.

Just because he had not finished his homework, his teacher ordered one of his classmates to beat his buttocks heavily with long club repeatedly in front of the total class.

The angry Ms. Cheng went to the school and wanted an explanation. She was told by the headmaster that the teacher was a fresh graduate from a teaching college and the reason why she physically punished Yongzai was that Yongzai had not finished his homework and he did not take notes during the class.

According the a report from Yangcheng Evening News, the stick used for beating Yongzai is as long as one meter and as wide as the arm of a six years old child.

“I did not want to physically punish them. They are very naughty and I have to establish my authority over them. I think the grade one primary schoolchildren should have understood some rules. But after I came to this school, I find they understand nothing in the aspects of daily living and sanitation but children from other classes are much more docile”, said the female teacher to the Yangcheng Evening News.

Anyway, the teacher acknowledged the problem may not only lie on the side of the students.

After reaching agreement with the school and receiving an undisclosed amount of compensation, Ms. Cheng would not sue the teacher and the Zidong primary school. And the school said they have expelled the teacher for abusing students.

But the pains on Yongzai will not fade away quickly. He appeared to be frightened by the 50 heavy spanks and refuses to return to the same school, the faculty of which said they still welcome Yongzai. But other nearby primary schools don’t want to accept Yongzai for undisclosed reasons.

Teacher beating student and student abuse are not scarce in China, if not rampant. In October 2012, a kindergarten teacher caused national uproar for making fun by abusing children. The teacher was photographed lifting a school child up by his ears.

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