After nail house, China sees most awesome nail tomb standing like an island in middle of a construction site


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Nail tomb,nail grave

The nail tomb on a 10 meter tall mound stands like an island on a construction site in Longbao village, Taiyuan, Shanxi, Dec. 6, 2012. The standard compensation was set at 800 RMB for every grave to be moved away, but in reality, the compensation varies between owners of the tombs.  

The news report that Taiyuan sees a most awesome nail tomb on Thursday afternoon draws intense attention from Chinese netizens as soon as it gets online. The owner of the nail grave, standing alone in middle of a construction site, denied the allegation that he received 1 million RMB as compensation for relocating the grave.

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  • Nail tomb
  • Nail tomb


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Days after Chinese netizens' enthusiasm on the most awesome nail house standing in middle road in Wenling of Zhejiang begins to fade, a more bursting story happens just in time. This time it is an awesome nail tomb.

On the construction site of Longyuan Residential Complex near the Changfeng Expressway in Taiyuan, capital city of Shanxi province, two high rise apartment buildings are being built day and night. Between the two soon to-be-finished buildings stands an incongruous 10 meter tall mound, looking like an island, and on top of the mound is a tomb.

The pictures of the tomb and the mound on the construction site, once uploaded by a blogger, have been tweeted on Weibo, China's Twitter, for thousands of times in several hours. And the tomb, is called the most awesome nail tomb of China.

A CCTV reporter went to the spot on Thursday afternoon. According to the reporter, the construction site had been the cemetery of Longbao village with as many as 200 tombs for deceased villagers. When the village committee decided to develop real estate on the area, the standard compensation was set as 800 RMB for every grave. But in fact, the real agreed compensation varied between villagers. Villagers say some get several thousand RMB while others get tens of thousand.

Unauspicious to have a grave on the construction site

The spot of the unbulldozed mound is planned for the green belt of the residential complex. A construction worker, Mr. Li, who has worked on the construction for two years, said the graves had been there before he came and that it is not auspicious to have a grave on a construction site. Mr. Li said that it is especially terrifying to patrol the site at night. Anyway it is better now since all the tombs have been relocated except the last tomb.

The nail tomb belongs to forebears of Mr. Chang Jinzhu, a villager of Longbao village.

One village official said to CCTV reporter that the developer had offered one million RMB to Mr. Chang Jinzhu and he accepted but the tomb has not been moved away. However, this allegation angered Chang Jinzhu, who denied that he received such large sum of money and said that he has not moved the tomb, where his parents and grandparents were buried, not just because of money, but of other unsolved problems and conflicts, for which he did not give the details.
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