Sichuan officials tell netizens not to think too long term, as 'we (the party?) may not survive another 40 years'


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The answer from Liangzhong Bureau of Land & Resources has been jeered by netizens as God’s Reply as it tells citizens not to think too long term when buying property. 

‘Do not think too long term, as we (or the party?) may not exist after 40 years', response of Sichuan Liangzhong officials to netizen's questioning regarding the 40-year-long land usufruct.

Although the state officially owns all the land in vast mainland China, Chinese government does allow people to own property (above the land) and (usually) grants 70-year-long land use right when the citizens buy a house or an apartment and after this time span they can renew it (with or without further payment).

But when residents in Liangzhong city, Sichuan province are surprised to find that all houses and apartments in their city are granted only 40 years of land use right.

A netizen raised questions on the local government website in June 2011 as below:

All properties in Liangzhong only have 40-year-long land use right. Does it mean we as house slaves will have to remain as house slaves for the second term after 40 years?

The answer from Liangzhong Bureau of Land & Resources  has been recently discovered, propagated and mocked by netizens as God’s Reply:

Land laws stipulate properties used as home are given land usage right for up to 70 years, but not must be 70 years.

After 40 years, are we still alive in the world? Do not think too long term.

The God’s Reply has sparked anger and jeers from Chinese netizens on Weibo:

@_NJ亚亚: Let it be!  There is nothing left for us to keep for long term since air was regarded as public property in Heavenly Dynasty (China’s nickname).

@敲键盘大师兄:The official tells the truth. He does not know either whether the darling party state will still exist after 40 years.

@有饭大师:Eh, it is difficult to say whether your party can survive another 40 years.

@诚橙数码V:Property right is reduced by half, how about the property price?

@supernatural2013:The government goes insane.

The official may really tell the truth. It is well known that many high ranking officials of mainland China are "Naked Officials" who have emigrated their wife, children and grandchildren to western countries which the state owned media are condemning, criticizing all the time, which indicates the elites of the nation have no confidence of the future in this country.

And it is possible the government officials tell people not to think long term simply because they always think short term when making policies, as they are still vague on how Chinese citizens should renew the land use right after 70 or 40 years.

Update: Officials of Bureau of Liangzhong Land & Resources updated the post on Sunday and apologized for the "inappropriate wording". As to the 40-year-long land use right, officials insist it conforms to the law.

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