40-year-old man inserts 15-cm-long, 6-cm-wide carrot into own anus that takes doctors 1 hour to pull out


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Insert carrot into anus,15 cm long

The carrot pulled out of the man's body was measured to be 15 cm in length and 6 cm in diameter. Part of was broken by pulling force. 

A man from Shenzhen ‘accidentally’ inserted a carrot that was 15 centimeters in length and 6 centimeters in diameter into his own anus and could only get it out with help of doctors.

When the 40-year old man went to see doctor in Shenzhen Futian Hospital, he was seen sweating out of extreme pain and his anus was found to be swelling, Shenzhen News Website reported Friday May 22.

The man told doctors the carrot had one part left outside of his anus at first but then accidentally slipped inside and when he tried to pull it out, the more strength he exerted the deeper the carrot got inside. And when the carrot slipped all inside and kept slipping even deeper, the man found himself to be unable to stand nor sit.  After all his own efforts proved to be in vain, the extreme pain caused him to seek medical help.  

He told doctors of Shenzhen Futian Hospital,he had already visited two smaller hospitals but doctors of neither hospitals could pull the carrot out.

After taking a physical examination on the poor guy, doctors of Shenzhen Futian Hospital were surprised by what they found. The carrot was about 8 centimeters away from the anus and most of it was located in the large intestine rather than in the rectum. It was so deep inside that it was like a cork to seal a bottle of wine and would not budge a millimeter in the bowel of the man.  

Now traditional method appeared to be of no use, doctors thought of taking out the carrot by surgery. Again, traditional surgical method that cutting off a 10 to 20 centimeter wide split on the large intestine where the carrot was located was negated because the indispensable wash of intestines could not be carried out due to stoppage of the lower end by the carrot.

Finally chief surgeon Mr. Chen Gang thought of a cleaver surgical method. One doctor cut off a 5-centimeter wide hole on the abdomen, inserted a finger to locate and push the carrot towards the anus. Another doctor used a device to open the anus, and inserted a forceps to catch and pull out the carrot.

Chinese man penetrate 6 cm wide carrot into anus

It took several surgeons and nurses one hour to pull out the carrot, which was measured to be 6 centimeters in diameter and 15 centimeters in length.

As to why the man inserted such a large carrot into his anus, remain unknown as the man did not say and doctors did not ask about, according the report.

Colleagues of the reporter could not help joining the discussion after knowing the size of the carrot:

@小敏: Eating carrot helps ventilate the bowel, so the man is supposed to insert the carrot to treat constipation.

@CC: I just want to know, did the man wash the carrot before inserting?

@圈哥: It is he himself or any other that placed the carrot into his body?

@勇坚: Why not use a sex toy instead of a carrot?

@颖哥: How many carrots can be bought with the surgery cost?

Oh guys, have you ever thought of the feeling of those who love to eat carrot?

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