Shenzhen newspaper promotes Shenzhen as a city where Chengguan do not beat vendors, men do not go whoring with primary school girls, besides cool weather in summer

Updated:Tue, Aug 13, 2013 22:48 PM   By Bernd Chang

Shenzhen Evening News,We have 28C

Screenshot of a Shenzhen Evening News article titled "It is 28 Celsius centigrade in Shenzhen; I speak for Shenzhen" goes viral on Chinese social media.

Shenzhen Chengguan do not beat vendors, Shenzhen people don't breathe toxic air, Shenzhen men do not go whoring with primary school girls, Shenzhen Evening News brags about on August 6.


Shenzhen, the most well-known and first special economic zone of China, has something more to brag about besides its skyscrapers, sweatshops, and dazzling modern subway with glass elevator for woman to poop in, as in the eyes of the state-owned Shenzhen Evening News (SEN).

SEN published an article on August 6, 2013 with the title We have 28C, we speak for Shenzhen, which is full of positive energy to promote Shenzhen.

Take a look at the screenshot of the article and read the following translated conversation between Shenzhen and other Chinese cities:

Hangzhou: We are human paradise.

Shenzhen: We have 28 Celsius centegrade here.

Chongqing: We are the largest municipality of China.

Shenzhen: It is 28C here in Shenzhen.

Beijing: We are the political and cultural center of China, and have nickname Imperial Capital.

Shenzhen: We have 28C here.

Shanghai: We are international metropolis and have nickname Demon Capital.

Shenzhen: We have 28C here.

Guangzhou: We are millennial commercial capital.

Shenzhen: We have 28C here.

Other cities: Bored to death! Can you stop talking of the weather temperature?

Shenzhen: Earthquake never happens here, nor floods or landslide; We can sell watermelon at the gate of residential complexes and our Chengguan (urban management officers) do not beat street vendors or stomp on their heads; Blue sky and white clouds are often over our head and we don't breathe toxic air everyday. The coal-burning power plant has been cancelled in Shenzhen; Our traffic police captains stand on the street when they are on duty and they never beat people; We have many high-tech companies in Shenzhen and the employees receive hundreds of thousands yuan in annual dividents; Our Shenzhen men will spare primary school girls when we go whoring in hotels.

Other cities: OK, let’s still talk about temperature.

Shenzhen: Tomorrow it is 27 Celsius centigrade here in Shenzhen.

You may be surprised to read the article that a state-owned newspaper regards something normal and minimum requirements on the government as its greatest advantage over other places of China.

Shouldn’t Chengguan regard it basic requirement not to beat any vendor?

Aren't blue sky and white clouds normal natural phenomenon?

Shouldn’t traffic police captains go on duty on the streets as the ordinary police? Should they direct traffic in air-conditioned office?

Isn’t it crime to go whoring with primary school girls?

But stop, you should know it is China.

We have 28 Celcius Centegrade

"Does SEN want to revolt?" is the most widely circulated title of Chinese netizens' reposts about the SEN article.

Indeed, during the hottest summer of China in decades, Shenzhen, the southernmost metropolis in mainland China, remains relatively cool compared to most northerner Chinese provinces and cities, possibly thanks to its coastal geological position.

But saying it is only 28 C in Shenzhen is overstated, as indicated by some netizens, "the lowest daily temperature of Shenzhen is 28C, besides, it is very humid."

As to whether its other arguments are true representation of Shenzhen, and what is the real purpose of the author to speak for Shenzhen in this way, Chinese netizens have their viewpoints.

Except air temperature, Shenzhen is not different from other Chinese cities, commented one netizen.

The author tells the deplorable situation in mainland China in an indirect way, commented another.


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