Tough Shanghai woman caught and fined for violating traffic rule, strips off naked and tears at male cop's trousers

Updated:Thu, Nov 14, 2013 03:21 AM   By Bernd Chang

Strips off,Shanghai woman

A middle aged woman stripped herself nude and tore at male cop's trousers when fined for riding her scooter in the wrong direction in Shanghai.


A middle aged woman stripped off naked and vehemently resisted law enforcement of police when caught violating traffic rules in Shanghai, Xinmin Net reported.

The woman was caught riding her scooter in the wrong direction against traffic at an intersection along the Waiqingsong Road in Shanghai’s Qingpu district.

A police intercepted, criticized and educated her, then when the police asked for a fine of 50 yuan, the woman did not cooperate and refused to pay the fine, but the police retained her scooter and did not let her go.

 It is not clear whether the police would retain her scooter or not even after she paid the fine. The woman was witnessed tossing the 50 yuan to the police and ran to the intersection and tried to intercept other vehicles.

The police followed soon and stopped the woman from doing so. Suddenly, something dramatic happened. The woman started to take off her clothes, meanwhile tearing at trousers of the police.  Witness said the trousers of the police had been torn apart and the woman, now becoming naked, tried to take back her scooter from the police and run away.

But soon more cops came and the woman was subdued, according to Xinmin Net.


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