Death voyage across Pacific Ocean: 11 Chinese men kill 22 fellow crew members; All 11 convicted and 5 to be executed


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Shandong fishing boat massacre,Mass killings

Terror during the ocean voyage: first killing on June 2011 near Chilean coast; 9 killed and 1 missing near Hawaii on July 20; 10 killed and 1 missing on July 24 and 25, 2011 near Japan. 

Horrifying Shandong fishing boat massacre: a Shandong court has convicted 11 men of intentionally murdering 22 fellow crew members during an oceangoing fishing voyage across the Pacific Ocean; Five of them received death sentence.

It sounds like a Hollywood thriller: 33 crew members started off to the ocean, when the fishing boat returned after 8 months, only 11 men were left with 20 killed and 2 missing. And none of the 11 men are innocent. All of them participated in the mass killings of their 22 fellow members.

Averagely one killed two fellow crew members.

A Weihai court in eastern China’s Shandong province said Saturday July 20 that it has convicted all the 11 men responsible for the killings and missing of their 22 fellow crew members on the Shandong No. 2683 trawler, reported quoting the official Xinhua News Agency.

Five of them were sentenced to death penalty, one was given suspended death sentence which usually means lifetime imprisonment, the other five were given fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 4 to 15 years.

Shandong trawler massacre suspects detained

The terror-triggering mass killings on a single fishing boat are too sensitive that many Chinese websites deleted the original detailed official account.

The men on board were contracted to be paid 45,000 yuan ($7,200) a year plus commission for their services and the contract lasted for two years, which means they would remain on the ocean for two years before reunion with the family in China.

The horrifying Shandong trawler massacre was initiated by several men with 28 years old Liu Guiduo as the prime mastermind, who were unhappy with their salaries, hardship and perceived unfairness on the fishing vessel Shandong No. 2683 trawler.  

The men under leadship of Liu Guiduo plotted to hijack the vessel to bargain with the company management when it was sailing near Chile in June 2011. Those trying to foil their plan or suspected of intending to rebel were stabbed to death with knives or forced to jump into the ocean. Totally 20 men were murdered in this way and two others were missing.

The detailed account of the death voyage to the Pacific Ocean:

Starting off on December 27, 2010

December 27, 2010, the Lu Rong Yu 2682 trawler (Shandong province Rongcheng city No. 2682 fishing boat)  started off from Shidao Fishing Port, Weihai city, Shandong province, the largest fishing port in northern China, with Li Chengquan as the capitain.

Totally 33 men were on the fishing vessel. Among the 33 crew, only 10 had experience on ocean. And 18 of them had no certificate of being a sailor, which is illegal according to Chinese law. The 18 men were shipped by the company management secretly to the vessel only after it left the port, avoiding the port check.

First killing on next day of June 16, 2011 when trawler hijacked

June 16, 2011, the Shandong trawler was refueled near the Chilean coast. At around 23 o’clock in midnight, Liu Guiduo ganged up with Bao De and several other men hijacked and injured captain Li Chengquan and forced him to steer the trawler back to China. And they switched off all the communication tools on the vessel to keep it untracked. To the company management in Shandong, the trawler "disappeared".

The next morning, kitchen chef Xia Qiyong, carrying a knife, came to the driver’s house and asked to see the captain. The two sides quickly fell in a fight, during which Jiang Xiaolong stabbed Xia Qiyong, and the Liu Guiduo’s gang threw him alive into the sea and then tied up chief officer Fu Yizhong.

9 killed and 1 missing on July 20, 2011 to stifle revolt

July 20, 2011, the Shandong fishing boat reached area west of Hawaii. Liu Guiduo, Bao De  and their accomplices plotted to kill six fellow crew members suspected of intending to revolt against them: Wen Dou, Wen Mi, Yue Peng, Liu Gang, Wang Yongbo and Jiang Shutao. The mass killings continued that day and three others Chen Guojun, Bo Fujun, Wu Guozhi were killed. And that night, a frightened young college graduate name Ma Yuchao was missing.

The killings terrified all the remaining crew. If you do not join, you are the enemy. Captain Li Chengquan, crew member Cui Yong and Duan Zhifang asked to join the gang of Liu Guiduo as a way of self protection.

6 killed on July 24, 2011 as internal friction broke out

July 24, 2011, the trawler reached to area around 1000 miles east of Japan, Liu Guiduo received secret information from Huang Jinbo that Bao De and his fellows coming from Inner Mongolia conspired against him. That night, Liu Guiduo plotted a trap and killed 6 fellow members: Bao De, Shuang Xi, Dai Fushun, Bao Baocheng, Shan Guoxi and Qiu Ronghua. Most of the victims were stabbed to death or forced to jump to the sea.

1 missing and 4 killed on July 25, 2011 as punishment of being deserters facing danger

After killing so many people, the gang of Liu Guiduo knew they would face death penalty at home, so they decided to escape to Japan. But on the morning of July 25, 2011, on way to Japan, the trawler met a mishap and water rushed into the cabin and caused the vessel to tilt to one side. With engineer Wang Yanlong suddenly missing, it appeared the trawler would soon sink into the ocean.

Captain Li Chengquan had to telephone the rescuing office in Shandong and asked for help.After more than a month, the trawler suddenly reappeared for the company management in Shandong.

Facing the danger, four men Fu Yizhong, Guan Xuejun, Ding Yumin, Song Guochun wore safe suits and tried to escape on a floating rubber raft.

But the trouble the trawler met was finally resolved and the rubber raft was drifting back to the boat. Liu Guiduo and Li Chengquan and others refused to accept them, instead, they stoned them and forced them to jump to the sea.

Song Guochun asked for help and pled guilty. He was pulled onto the boat. But Liu Guiduo and his gang did not intend to forgive him, instead, they used the final victim's life as a tool  to drag the rest crew members who had not participated in the previous mass killings into the mire.

"Everyone must stain his hands with blood", captain Li Chengquan and gang leader Liu Guiduo said to the only two so far innocent crew members.

Duan Zhifang and Xiang Lishan were ordered to conduct the private execution of Song Guochun, who was bound with iron mass and thrown into the sea.

Returning on August 12, 2011

Now everyone was on the same boat, but they were not able to keep the lid of the mass killings of their fellows even though they tried hard to seek unity of talking of the entire incident during their last days on the ocean.

Receiving help call from the captain on July 25, Shandong government organized rescuing efforts of the boat in trouble and asked help from Japanese coast guard. But when the trouble was resolved, the captain told the arriving Japanese rescuing team that they did not need help.

July 29, 2011, agricultural department of China ordered China Fishing Administration Boat No. 118 to pull Lu Rong Yu 2683 back to China. On the morning of August 12, the trawler returned to Shidao Fishing Port where it started off 8 months ago. On the day of arrival, the 11 men were immediately seperately detained for investigation.


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