Awesome daddy rode horse to pick up kid from kindergarten on car restriction day, and he was not fined


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The father and son riding a horse through the streets bustling with cars were obviously the star that day in Xianyang, Shaanxi province. 

A man from Xianyang, Shaanxi province drew much attention from passers-by and netizens by riding horse to pick up kids from school, and he was not fined by traffic police.

It is not necessarily a prince that rides a horse to pick up you, it could be your father!

We have heard stories that Fuerdai (Rich second generation) fly a helicopter to pick up their brides, but bringing kids to and from school through horse riding, is really rarely heard even in China’s Tuhao circle.

Recently a man has drawn much attention from passers-by as well as netizens from the whole country when he was seen riding  a fine  horse to pick up his 4-year-old son from kindergarten in Xianyang city, Shaanxi province in northwest China, reported NetEase.

At the time when parents gathered at schools to pick up kids on the afternoon of Jan. 12, a brown horse tied to the sidewalk near the gate of a kindergarten was so outstanding that it immediately drew attention from parents and their even more curious kids. After a while, a man brought a little boy out of the kindergarten. The boy was excited to see the horse and even happier without any clue of fear when the dad picked him up onto the horse. They proved to be the master of the horse.

“That horse  looks very impressive,” exclaimed one parent.  “The guy usually drives car to pick up his kid, it is fanciful that he rides such a fine horse today to do so,“ said another parent in obvious admiration.

Private car restrictions

The horse owner gave the explanation. He did not mean to show off his horse and life style, but simply because, he was forced to do so because his private care use was restricted that day.

Officials of Xianyang city, which is located less than 100 kms away from the renowned ancient Chinese capital Xi’an city, think car use is one of the major causes of air pollution and have imposed a car restriction measure on its residents since 2016. According to the car restriction measure, cars with license plate that ends with certain digit number, are restricted from the downtown area once every week.

Horse riding is allowed

In response to this rare behaviour of riding horse along streets, Xianyang traffic police told reporters that the man did not violate the law, since there is no law forbidding horse riding on street at all.  

Anyway, police do not support such behaviour, saying horses could be startled by cars whistling on streets and lose control, leading to dangerous traffic accidents.

And if some people have the idea to ride horses to evade car use restrictions, the Xianyang horse owner did not forget to remind the curious passers-by that the horse was not cheap! He paid 100,000 RMB, or around 15000 USD, for the horse  three years ago. That is roughly the cost of an ordinary car in China.

Chinese netizens reactions shall not be ignored of course.

@笔墨出是非: Similar restrictions should be imposed, how about male restricted on odd day, while female restricted on even day? (apparently referring to car restriction policy carried out in some cities like Beijing that only allows cars with odd number llicense plate on the roads one day, even number the next ) 

@哈利露露: Owning a horse is not much to mention, feeding the horse everyday is even more costly. The riches are really different from us.  

@有态度网友0621N1: Good behaviour!  If riding horses is promoted nationwide, it will be much more environment-friendly than car use, and there will be no traffic jam!

@137944255: Attention should actually be paid to the fact that such a tiny city as  Xianyang goes so far as to impose car restrictions, which is really a social disease.

@MeiShan: Why was the man not fined for riding the horse without a license plate? (certainly in a sarcastic manner)

Finally there are some netizens that remain unmoved at all.

Stop making a great fuss about trivialities please, in our inner Mongolia, many parents ride horses to take their kids to and from school on a daily basis!  Some kids even ride to school on their own!

And the netizens have picture to testify:

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