This guy claims to be a doctoral student from Tsinghua University and wants to sell himself at price of 5 million RMB to a rich woman


Chinese Society  Updated:Mon, May 18, 2015 04:08 AM   By Bernd Chang


Sell himself,Tsinghua University

The placard reads: Help! Sell myself to study abroad. I am a doctoral student of Tsinghua University. I am forced to sell myself to get money for advanced oversees study. Selling price at 5 million. 

A man caught media attention on Monday May 18 after pictures emerged showing he wanted to sell himself to a wealthy woman at the price of 5 million RMB on a shopping street in Chongqing.

The chubby, shirtless fellow was spotted standing on a pedestrian street in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing city in southwestern China,  wearing nothing above the waist, holding a placard claiming himself to be a doctoral student of Tsinghua University and  placing himself for sale at a price of 5 million yuan to collect money for oversees study.  

On another placard sticking on his chest, he wrote in slanting Chinese characters: Sell self to pursue dream.

And even on the box in which he stood in, he promoted himself with his poor handwriting: Urgently ask a rich woman to keep me (as male prostitute) at the price of 5 million.

Tsinghua student sells himself

In front of a large group of spectators, the man was said to refuse to negotiate when it come to price: "I won't accept one RMB less than 5 million," he says "because I'm worth it.".

Chinese netizens’ reaction to the man’s behavior surely is not what he expected, as shown on NetEase website:

NetEase netizen一言九頂  from Weinan, Shaanxi provine: I will not comment on your appearance, but from your handwriting, you do not appear to be a student of Tshinghua University.

A NetEase netizen from Dongying,Shandong province: Are you sure you are worth 5 million with such physical figure, with such handwriting?

NetEase netizen狄阁少 from Zhanjiang, Guangdong province: There are now so many cranks, who should not be publicized in the media.

A NetEase netizen from Taizhou, Zhejiang province: Tsinghua? Student from Tshinghua kindergarten?


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