This Weibo posted by Russian embassy in Beijing comparing Crimea Crisis with Tiananmen Incident has attracted much attention in China


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Verified Weibo account of Russian Embassy in Beijing posted this Weibo on Tuesday in an effort to bring China to the Russian side. 

Weibo of Russian embassy in Beijing comparing western sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Crimea with those on China over Tiananmen Incident jeered as blacking Chinese government.

Putin’s Russia appears to be desperate for international support after US and Europe beefed up sanctions against it over its annexation of Ukrainian territory Crimea.

Putin thanked Chinese government in his emotional 40-minute speech on March 18th, in which Putin declared "Crimea has always been an integral part of Russia", although China actually had not backed Russia in inexplicit wording over its annexation of Crimea.

Fearing to be isolated by international community, Russia does not think that is enough to gain China’s support.

Official Weibo account of Russian embassy in Beijing, not thinking the image of Russia is notorious enough among Chinese microbloggers,  posted a tweet on Tuesday March 25th comparing the western sanctions on Russia with those on China over Tiananmen Incident, apparently aiming to woo China into closer relationship. The Weibo reads:

西方制裁应让俄中两国走得更近。 美国和欧盟因克里米亚入俄而对俄罗斯采取的第三波制裁包括一些西方国家停止同俄罗斯进行军事合作。目前俄罗斯所处的境况有点儿类似于中国在天安门事件后所遭遇的境况。

Western sanctions should pull China and Russia closer to each other. The third wave of sanctions imposed by USA and EU on Russia over Crimean joining in Russia includes cancellation of military cooperation with Russia. The current situation of Russia is similar to what China encountered after the Tiananmen Incident.

"Hi dude, western countries imposed similar sanctions on you. We are in the same boat", the tweet is amount to saying.

The tweet almost attained a popularity level of going viral on Chinese social media. Within a day it has been retweeted by more than 9000 times and gained more than 400 comments.

No one will argue against the analysis that Beijing is happy to see the rising conflict between Russia and USA as it not only pushes Russia closer to China but also has significantly reduced the pressure of the west on China over its botched-up diplomacy by announcing an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in East China Sea in late 2013.

But as some of the comments as translated below point out, Chinese government which has tried every effort to erase the memory of the Tiananmen Incident may not be happy to be wooed by Russia in this way.

四输五尽13:Woo others to closer relationship by ripping open their wounds?

刘洪涛lht:It is kind of selling out comrades.

時l光:Blackening Chinese government in an allusive way.

我是你影子____:A dying man wants someone to accompany him to the hell.

个记尴尬了:Idiot Russia, who goes closer with you?

我是李鸽:Russia, haven’t you done enough harm on us?

木秋亦:Go away! Who is your friend? Do not drag us into the same water! West is the largest market for us.

桂人路问:Moral values have pushed Chinese people closer to USA.

忽悠人被忽悠:Already reported to authority. Where and when did what incident happen? There is not a clue on Baidu so it must be a rumor!

个记尴尬了:Sina, you should block this account!

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