Renowned Chinese writer Bingxin's tombstone tarnished by her grandson


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Bingxin,Chinese writer

Tombstone of famous Chinese writer Bingxin was tarnished by her grandson. The grandson, Wu Shan, wrote eight big red Chinese characters "教子无方,枉为人表" which means: Bad at educating the son and shamed of being model of others. 

Tombstone of famous Chinese writer Bing Xin was recently tarnished by her grandson, Wu Shan, with red paint-written graffiti complaining the couple, Bing Xin and her husband Wu Wenzao, for 'educating the son (referring to Wu Shan’s father Wu Ping) in an improper way.'

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June 3, 2012, Beijing - Wu Shan, the grandson of Bing Xin (October 5, 1900 - February 28, 1999), a prominent Chinese writer of the 20th century, tarnished her monument with offensive words denigrating his father who is involved in a messy divorce from his mother.

The grandson, Wu Shan, wrote eight big red Chinese characters "教子无方,枉为人表" on his grandmother's monument that were meant to mock and shame his father. The Chinese characters mean: Bad at educating the son and shamed of being model of others.

Wu also pasted a printed leaflet on the monument accusing his father Wu Ping of keeping a mistress and failing to provide an appropriate divorce settlement for his mother who is in her 70s and suffering from cancer.

"I did it to raise the public's attention of my mother's plight. I had no other choice," Wu Shan told the Guangzhou-based Yangcheng Evening News.

He said that Bing Xin left multiple properties to her three children after her death in 1999 and his father still owns several of them.

He said his mother got nothing after the couple were divorced in 2006, reported the newspaper.

Wu Shan believed that his father's assets are worth of more than 10 million yuan ($1.57 million).

"He should give my mother two of the properties and 5 million yuan. My mother now wants only 3 million yuan, but he won't agree," the newspaper quoted him as saying.

"My father had an affair with his former secretary, who is 40 years younger than him. He didn't come to the hospital to see my mother even though she is critically ill," he said. "I was thinking of smashing the monument, but was stopped by my friends."

Many Web users said that Wu Shan's tarnishing of his grandmother's tombstone was extreme.

Chen Li, a middle school teacher in Shandong Province, told reporter that although Wu Shan was seeking a fairer settlement for his mother, his actions went too far.

"He has also hurt Bing Xin's fans," she said.
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