World's best grandpa builds this miniature Liaoning aircraft carrier


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Mr. Wen Yuzhu, an eighty years old man from Qingdao, build this aircraft carrier modeled on a scale of 1:25 to the Liaoning Aircraft Carrier for his grandson. 

An 80 years old man from Qingdao spent one month building a Liaoning Aircraft Carrier model for his grandson and thus has been called the best grandpa of China.

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Compared to conventional requests such as for a piece of chocolate, an amusing toy, a mountainbike, or a thick Hongbao (envelope filled with money), or even a sports car like Lamborghini, this one raised by a boy to his grandpa during last spring festival holiday that he wanted for the Liaoning Aircraft Carrier is definitely the hardest, if not absolutely impossible, to fulfill.

But that does not nonpluse Mr. Wen Yuzhu, an eighty years old man from the coastal city of Qingdao in East China's Shandong province to satisfy the demand of his lucky grandson, who is possibly a spoiled little emperor of the family thanks to China's decades-long draconian one Child policy.

Wen spent one month building a miniature aircraft carrier on the scale of 1:25 of the real Liaoning Aircraft Carrier, which is the first Chinese aircraft carrier that has received acclaim and patriotic favor among many Chinese people. This aircraft carrier model can not fight in a real batter of course, but is definitely by far larger than one can buy from the toy market.

The tiny aircraft carrier is placed on the shore of Qingdao and yet to be finished. Wen told reporters that the major structure of it would have been finished by the next rising tide.

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