Post 90s university girl exhibits her nude photos in campus

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Su Zizi,Nude modeling

One of the body photographic pictures of Su Zizi

Post 90s Su Zizi, sophomore of Beijing-based Renmin University, earned 500 RMB for each performance as nude model, which makes her a controversial figure in China. Su says she acted as nude model to make money for the university tuition at the beginning, but now she gets to love body photography and think it is art.


Nude modeling is a controversial career in China. Some think it is shameful, while others think it is brave. But for Su Zizi, a 19-year-old student from Beijing-based Renmin University of China, nude modeling offers her the chance to pursue pure art.

"In my eyes, nude modeling is a career that needs to be respected, and it is a kind of art I will explore in my whole life,"Su told the Global Times.

"Being a nude model doesn't just mean wearing nothing for me, it also helps me to know my body better and express my attitude toward the world."

Su has worked as a part-time nude model for nearly nine months. As a student from a poor family, Su decided to be a nude model to earn money. However, she gradually fell in love with the career and took it as a path to deeply examine herself and society.

At first, Su did not tell her parents about her part-time job, but finally, her parents found out.

Silent support

"My father asked why I chose this way to express myself as he thought my job would not be approved by society. However, I persuaded him, hoping my art can be understood by my family," Su said.

Although her parents did not say yes to her modeling career, they did not stop her either. For Su, her parents were silently supporting her behind her back.

In addition to pressure from society, Su also needed to endure unpleasant experiences while being photographed. According to her, some photographers do not like to communicate with models and just force them to pose as they order.

"Being a nude model demands that I endure the psychological and physical stress, but I choose to carry on," Su said.

'Who am I?' exhibit

As part of her artistic expression, Su held an art exhibit themed, "Who am I?" on campus, at which she exhibited her nude photos and videos.

"The exhibition is my homework, and I am not afraid of expressing myself this way. I think people need to get rid of their burdens and by being naked they can know themselves better," Su said.

Su spent a lot of time and money on the exhibition. She took all the photos and videos herself and she borrowed more than 20,000 yuan ($2,900) from friends to finance it.

"I did almost all the preparation work by myself. For example, touching up the photos, inviting the hosts and choosing the venue. But I am so glad that my friends are supportive," Su said.

But her bare-all exhibit also received criticism. "Some female students said they couldn't accept my photos and my mother also called me 'psycho'. But some teachers liked it and encouraged me to keep on working," Su said.

Stamps of approval

Cong Zhiqiang is Su's tutor, and said he was surprised when he saw how she chose to express herself.

"Su was the only student that expressed herself this way, which shows she is unique and creative," Cong said.

"At first, I was shocked, but after a second thought, I accepted it because everyone had their own style to express themselves."

Cong added that Su did a good job and her exhibit showed she had seriously thought about the meaning of life.

Tan Jun is a 37-year-old director and a supporter of nude modeling careers.

"She not only showed a vivid personality in her works but also displayed the value of art itself," Tan said.

"We should enjoy her works from a high spiritual level, and then our hearts will be purified," Tan added.

Dong Jinling, 41, a filmmaker and close friend of Su, also approved and said that her works showed her understanding of life.

"Su has had a rich and tough life experience, so she sees some things that others ignore. Her works also displayed her pursuit of pure art, so I suggested the viewers explore the deep meaning of her art rather than take them as something shameful," Dong told the Global Times.


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