Three mice are tied up to and 'paraded publicly' on a street tree in Chengdu because they steal vegetables


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Three mice are tied up to a tree on the street with a notice hanging on one of them saying 'I was wrong, I repent". Some Chinese netizens think the treatment of the rodents is funny, others think differently. 

A picture of three mice paraded publicly on a tree has gone viral, with many Chinese compare them to corrupt officials and some criticizing the treatment of the mice as animal abuse.

The picture, taken by Shuangliu police near their office in Chengdu city, Sichuan province Friday afternoon, shows three mice (or rats) were tied up to a tree, accompanied by a notice sticking on one of the mice 'confessing: I was wrong, I repent’, Sichuan Online reported.

The police, amused by the scene, published the picture on their verified Weibo account @平安双流 at 1:24 pm on Friday:

Who did this? They even dared to establish a court in front of the police station and executed the thieves in broad daylight!

The purpose of the Chengdu police to publish this Weibo was to remind the residents to take precautions against thieves in the last months of this year, but Chinese netizens finding different implications in the post, started to spread the Weibo shortly after it was posted.

As of Saturday afternoon, it has been reposted more than 8000 times and received 2000 comments. And after Sichuan Online reported the story, major Chinese online media have all covered it.

It appears most Chinese netizens are reminded by the picture of the corrupt officials who are often called thieves or rats that steal the public money.

NetEase user 莫谈国事哦: It will cheer the people greatly when corrupted officials are paraded publicly on the street.

NetEase user  花開o : There are rat thieves all over the country. These rats are fat and big, running amuck across the country and they disguise themselves as civil servants, but our police pretend to be not aware of the situation. 

NetEase user 正义鹰派 : I suppose it will take detering effect if those sexually assaulting small girls can be paraded in this way.

Of course, China is also a nation full of animal lovers who accuse the treatment of the rats too cruel.

Weibo user @自然新观察 :【Being beaten is the fate of mouses by birth, but please do not abuse them】 This picture taken by police showing what the perpetrators regard as a proud work but actually reflects the morbid mentality  deep in their hearts. The Supreme People’s Court has stipulated that testimonies gained through freezing, starving, scorching, beating the suspects are illegal and should be excluded from the court. We should show the animals that we are a highly civilized society. Violence will bring insecure emotion to humans, and if the abuse out of freakish mentality affects others, it is crime.

A NetEase user from Beijing:  An idiot! You should have either killed the rats directly, or thrown them far away. Do you want to show you are stronger than a rat by harassing them in this way? 

NetEase user  113938901: It is natural instinct of the rats to eat vegetables. The natural instincts of animals are neither good or bad. Only when they infringe on the interests of humans are they regarded as bad.  Why bother yourself to harass the rats?

NetEase user zhaoxiaoming186: The comments show few people across the country have any sense of sympathy. Instead, China abounds with angry youths, and useless angry youths.`

NetEase user 小媚妹1: You are of low intelligence. The key issue is that many people regard the rats as corrupted officials. The comments have nothing to do with sympathy. You also eat pork and beef, don’t you? Those killing cattle or eating beef have no sense of sympathy?

According to Sichuan Online, the rats were captured by an employee named Liu Junjiang in a local advertisement company. Liu and his colleagues found some rats often run around in their newly refurbished office, steal vegetables, and even gnaw through the cable. On Friday, they managed to capture three rats and after a discussion, they decided to publicly parade them on a tree on the street.

The rats, after drawing national attention, have been untied from the tree, caged and sent to the countryside and a “cat police would handle (eat) them”, according to the Sichuan Online.

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