'Return Chinese territory, take back communist theory', Chinese netizens greet Russian online embassy with verbally violent mass protest


Chinese Society  Updated:Fri, Aug 2, 2013 10:07 AM   By Bernd Chang


Protest against Russia,Take back communists

Weibo account of Russian embassy in China on QQ greeted by Chinese netizens with tens of thousands negative comments on the eve of Chinese new president’s historical visit to Russia. 

Chinese netizens hold an online protest and have crammed Russian embassy Weibo microblogging with tens of thousands of comments requiring Russia to return Chinese territory and take back communist theories and its Chinese followers.

Russian politicians must have been believing that they are one of the most welcome foreigners among Chinese people, as they opened a Weibo account on the popular Tencent microblogging website QQ.com on Monday March 18th.

Indeed, there is no reason why they have no confidence in their image in China as Chinese new president Xi Jinping, as his predecessor Hu Jintao did 10 years ago, selected Russia as his first foreign step, highlighting the importance Chinese government pays to Sino-Russia relationship.

However, the embarrassing situation the Weibo account of Russian Embassy in China has encountered within a day since its birth, may have given them some idea of the real image of Russia among Chinese people, at least, among a certain number of Chinese outspoken netizens.

Within 24 hours, the Weibo account of Russian Embassy in Beijing has accumulated more than 20,000 followers. But it seems most of them just swarm to protest against Russia, to bemoan, accuse, and abuse them. As of 22 pm March 19, the first post of Russian Embassy in Beijing has brought 18000 comments, which remain largely unfiltered on QQ.com, an absolute majority of them are negative of Russian influence over Chinese nation.

Some observers has made a summary of the tens of thousands of comments into two Chinese netizens’ requirements on Russia: return Chinese territory, take back their (precisely the former Soviet Union’s) followers and political theories.

Let’s have a glimpse of the Chinese comments shown on the attached screenshot:

• 缘定今生: Listen to Chinese voice in other countries.

• 刽子手: The comments are enlightening: take back your -ism, return our territory.

• 人要信: Bring back your (commun)ism!

• 转角一片天空: Your thought is lack of intelligence! If there is no one to supervise others to work in a society, are there anyones that want to labor? || 大梦谁先觉: I can sue him for laziness and I can ask to look up the survillence camera, if the country is practising rule of law and justice prevails there is a reasonable sentence. || 转角一片天空: So laughable, do you like? If you work together with another one, you make a lot of accomplishments but get little rewarding ...

• 浪里寻欢: Return what you have occupied from China and bring back your discarded rubbish.

• 乌托邦: Those, whom the sons belong to, should take them back! Haha || 秋海棠: Get away! And bring back your trash!

• 春色: (You) exported revolution to the Heavenly Dynasty and afflicted Chinese people.

• 深蓝海洋: What I have said is not dangerous. Different from you, I have no fear and I dare to say so. Under every condition I dare to say. I do not oppose communists, not scheme against another, and I do all things in broad light. Am I dangerous to others? || 年轻的八十岁: “Few individuals” this phrase is dangerous! The internal struggle within communist party were all triggered by the phrase!

• 邹剑峰: Eh, good! support and encourage! || 微尘: I hoped others say what I want to say on some sensitive topics and in this way, others are in danger but I am safe. But now I understand if all people think the same as me, we will remain in risk for the long run. If you want to reach the safe bank, the road full of risk is the only way! So now I begin to speak out, and more and more people are speaking out.

• 大梦谁先觉: What does the superviser do at the time! It is his negligence of duty. We can extend his working hours to punish him. || 转角一片天空: Yes, but do you think it works? Just because we went on this road, if there was one lazy man, others also did not want to labor, because there was no difference between working and not working, and the result is clear: tens of millions of Chinese starved to death!

• 孤鸿剑儿: You can keep the territory, but be sure to take back your gang of ax and sickle. || 不了了之: Russian, return Chinese territory and take back your ax party.

Chinese still have bitter memory of the humiliation imposed by western powers especially Russia and Japan during the weak Qing Dynasty, when the European country Russia had intimidated and coerced Qing Dynasty to cede, or directly militarily occupied at least 1.5 million square kilometers of Chinese territory; and shortly after the WWII, the Soviet Union plotted the independece of External Mongolia from China and militarily assisted the communists to defeat the Republic of China.

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