Look: Nail house stands on mound in middle of construction site as its owner has to climb up some 20 meters high to get home


Chinese Society  Updated:Wed, May 20, 2015 07:00 AM   By Bernd Chang


Holdout,Nail House

The lone holdout stands atop a man-made mound that is 20 meters high above the bottom of the construction side. 

A nail house caught nationwide attention after pictures emerged online showing it stands on a 20-meter-high mound dug out by real estate developer in Sichuan.

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The mound is so high that makes it looks like an island in a sea of dirt. And the house owners, two old folk have to climb up and down tens of meters every day to get inside and outside of their home.

Xinhua reported on Tuesday May 19th:

The lone holdout, among its neighborhoods in Cuiping district, Yibing city, Sichuan province, were approved by local government to be demolished to make room for a large residential property project. The site remained unchanged until 2014 when developer sent bulldozers and workers to carry out the demolition and reconstruction. Although the two sides did not reach a compensation agreement and the nail house owner refused to move, the construction went ahead and workers of the developer kept excavating the soil around the nail house and recently even cut off the electricity and water supply to the house.

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