Beijing university students sponsor 'My vagina says' activity to promote feminism

Updated:Fri, Nov 8, 2013 19:16 PM   By Bernd Chang

My vagina says,Feminism

My vagina says: I’ll let whoever I want to get in.

Pictures of Beijing female students holding whiteboard with sentences starting with 'My vagina says' go viral on Chinese internet.
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"The My vagina says" activity was organized by the Gender Activism Club of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). The activism organization published 17 pictures on its website on November 4th, which features female students of the university holding whiteboard with sentences starting with “My vagina says”, Sina reports.

According to the report, the pictures were to promote an upcoming performance of the Vagina Monologues on the university campus. The stage play, inspired by an American drama The Vagina Monologues written by American playwright Eve Ensler released in 1996,  calls for self-consciousness of females and respect to women.

English college party chief Mr. Lu told reporters that the Vagina Monologue was permitted to be staged, but he refused to comment on the pictures.

These pictures has since gone viral on Chinese social media. And as expected, the daring words "said" by the vagina of female students in the pictures has drawn much controversy among Chinese online society.

Following are some comments of some Weibo users and Netease users translated by Cool Chinese Translation.

@彤_2007: Faint, what current college students think is all such things, what do they study for?

@红唇chun: I and my little buddies are surprised to see these pictures.

@天为谁春__:  Hehe, what their vigina says is cleaner than some of your dirty remarks. Leave it at that you dare not say, it is unbelievable that you condemn them both in speech and in writing.

@早餐我就吃挂面:  The Laowai is more direct.

A NetEase user from Beijing: I can not accept these behaviors. As a traditional man, I still favor soft, gentle and reserved girls.


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